Previously, Bates Motel went THERE. Norman became full “mother” and Dylan witnessed it. Norma lost her senses again, but finally reunited with her estranged brother/lover, Caleb, in the weirdest family reunion this side of White Pine Bay. Oh, and Sheriff Romero went to extreme measures to ensure his position as sheriff stays intact.

***** SPOILERS BELOW *****

Dylan pays Emma a visit in the motel office, where she seemingly continues to be the only one actually working there. He wants to take her out to dinner for all her help. Awww. I totally ship Dylan and Emma. Dylma, or Emlan. However, Emma’s father interrupts, telling her she needs to go home because of her deteriorating health.

normanNorma and Norman are at the phone store, getting Norma a new phone after she LITERALLY shot her old one the night before. The two snipe at each other and Norma even says he’s acting “not masculine.” She gets a ton of messages and discovers Romero was shot. When they get home, Norman answers her phone. It’s James – her new psychiatrist, who she already slept with, go figure. He’s worried about her.

Meanwhile, Bob Paris prepares to go for a jog, but discovers the dead body of Marcus Young in a car outside. Romero, funnily enough, put a note on the body announcing Marcus’ resignation for the sheriff race. Back in the Bates’ house, Norma discovers Romero is hiding inside. He thought she was dead. Norma, hilariously, asks why everyone thinks she is dead after her one night to herself. Anyways, Romero needs the flash drive because he blames her deal with Bob for his injured arm. She reluctantly tells him where it is.

Dylan, concerned with Emma’s health, visits her father in his taxidermy shop. He tells Dylan that Emma’s been ignoring doctors and her health is getting worse. He is hoping for a lung transplant, but they are far down on the list and it costs about $20,000, which he doesn’t have. Hmm, what can Dylan do to get that money?

Romero visits the farm, meeting Caleb for the first time. He immediately gets the flash drive from it’s hiding spot and makes Gunnar open it. Gunnar is reluctant, but does it. Romero sees a name on the ledger he does NOT like: Theresa Rogers. He immediately accosts Bob Paris at a golf range. Theresa Rogers is Romero’s mother and she’s been dead for 23 years. Romero wants her name off that ledger. Bob Paris laughs in his face, saying maybe they can work together now.

normaBack at the Bates house, Norma continues to ignore James’ calls. Dylan wants to talk. Norma doesn’t want to talk about Caleb, but Dylan reveals he wants to talk about Norman and how he completely lost his mind the other night. Norma rationalizes all the odd things Dylan tells her until he gets to the part where Norman was wearing her robe, making breakfast, pretending to be her. The worry that spreads across her face is unmistakable. Norma is freaked. Dylan wants to do something about it.

Meanwhile, Romero now is visiting his father in prison. He calls him a “dirty cop to the core” and asks him to take his mother’s name off the ledger. Apparently, their mother left them and killed herself and Romero blames his father. His father isn’t going to help him, though. Poor Romero.

At the farm, Caleb asks Dylan if he could stop by the house ever. Dylan is like, “Um… no!” Suddenly, Chick bursts in (as he does) and starts talking about stuff, but Caleb seems hesitant to do the job he said he would do last week. Dylan asks about the job. It’s moving guns and the payout is $25,000. Dylan is interested in doing it for Emma. Caleb urges him not too.

Since James couldn’t reach Norma on her cell, he does what any sane person would do: he shows up unexpectedly at her door. People don’t do that! He asks if everything is okay and Norma lies and acts all suspicious but relents on letting him talk to Norman.

psychoNorman is busy in the basement, working on his animals, but agrees to talk to James – without his mother around. He tells James about feeling safe down here with his animals and how, out in the world, he is constantly bombarded by buzzing and people’s opinions and judgments and analysis. Norman then suddenly asks James about sleeping with his mother and knowing about it. He calls his mother a whore and rages out a bit. James denies it and asks why he cares so much if his mother is sleeping with someone before asking him if he wants to sleep with her. That sets Norman OFF. He attacks and starts choking James, but relents, giving time for James to escape, run upstairs, and tell Norma she needs to get Norman help.

mamsonInstead, Norma comes downstairs, starts hugging Norman, and reassures him that being his mother is most important to her. She’s gonna make dinner! Eugh. Norma, stop enabling him!

Meanwhile, Emma heads out for her dinner date with Dylan, but her father tries to stop her. She makes a whole speech about living what little life she has and he lets her go.

Norma gets a call from Romero. He is drunk and in need of a ride. She brings him back to a room in the motel and tucks him into bed. She asks what happened and he lets out all his family baggage on her. He starts massaging her arm and pulls her in, but she pulls away after a few moments! This is their second weird intimate moment. Odd.

Up in the house, dinner is almost ready. Dylan was going to go out with Emma, but they stay. Norma encounters Caleb outside. He brought flowers and a note. She tells him they can’t be friends, but then invites him inside for dinner, just for one night. Woah, big strides from Norma.

brosisDylan can’t believe his eyes when he sees his father. They all hug. Hugfest at the Bates house. Caleb looks around and notices a piano, recounting how Norma used to play. He then asks her to play, which she does. Then he joins in singing with her. They sing “You Belong to Me” – which is very creepy and telling. Norman shows up, looking dastardly and mad. And then, Romero shows up, to say he is leaving but Norma invites him to stay. Wow, all the main characters together for a family dinner. How nice!

enemiesThus, the “Last Supper” begins. Norman shoots Caleb dirty looks, Norma makes a speech thanking everyone for being here and allowing this to happen, and then Caleb makes a speech thanking Norma, but Norman interrupts him, saying the food is getting cold. Side note: should Norma be serving underage, possibly mentally unstable kids wine? Hmm. Well, dinner is had and all seems joyous and happy… until Norman is left alone at the table, looking creepy as hell!

last suppperLater that night, he approaches his mother as she sleeps, looking over her body before touching her on the upper leg. UM, gross and NO! But, also, YES. Norman is a bona-fide crazy person now. It’s just so uncomfortable that you can’t stop watching. The episode was an obvious slowdown from last week’s insane excitement, but that ending, yuck, it’ll stick with you.

Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore continue to hit it out of the park. Emmys, are you watching? I’m totally rooting for Dylan and Emma, but I don’t think Dylan should do an illegal gun job for the money. I’m happy for Norma and Caleb and hope nothing messes with that. I have a bad feeling about the end of the season though. Things are definitely gonna get messy!

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