16061295Charley Davidson just can’t stay out of trouble. As a grim reaper-in-training and a PI, she often ends up having interesting cases that seem to magically appear in her lap, leading to hijinks and hilarious insanity. In Sixth Grave On the Edge, the latest book describing her adventures, a lot of insanity lands on Charley’s plate after she receives a copy of her boyfriend Reyes Farrow’s FBI files. The files give her information about his childhood abduction, so she decides to do her own research into what happened without telling Reyes.

But while she does that, Charley ends up with a new case as well. She is stopped in her own apartment and told to find a missing woman (who happens to be a witness to a crime) within 48 hours, lest she lose people close to her. And of course, there’s more going on than that. A man comes to Charley for help regaining his soul after he lost it in a card game (the reasons for this are absolutely heartbreaking). She can’t say no, and that encounter actually proves incredibly important.

Charley also has to deal with her best friend Cookie’s daughter and the friend she makes, as he can see the departed just as easily as he does the living. It’s not easy, to say the least. Then, to add to everything else, Charley has the mother of a ghost she knows and works with determined to find her son’s spirit when he doesn’t want to be found. Finally, Reyes figures out what Charley is doing, and he’s not happy about it at all. How is that going to affect their relationship?

I have been a fan of Charley’s since her first book, First Grave On the Right, was released and St. Martin’s Press sent me a copy due to some work I’d done for another of their authors. Since then, Charley has been on a lot of adventures with her friends and has learned a lot from her experiences. However, this has been my favorite book so far in the series. I loved seeing how Charley and Reyes agreed to become engaged, and learning about their newest interactions. I love how they feel real as a couple, and as separate people who see things differently. This directly affected a majority of the book, especially when it came to dealing with the man who lost his soul in the card game. That particular story line was quite sad, but Charley made it a little bit better, even if it made her future possibly a bit worse, which is what Reyes is worried about.

In particular, I liked learning more about some of the characters who were introduced in previous books, especially Angel. He’s really cool, and I found that I adored him even more after learning the truth about him. I also enjoyed seeing how Charley continued to try to hook up her best friend, Cookie, with her Uncle Bob. I will not spoil anything in saying this, but I found this to be the best attempt to date! It was hilarious and sounded like something I’d do to help a friend of mine get the guy of her dreams.

There is so much I’d like to say about Sixth Grave on the Edge, but I really don’t want to spoil the plot. However, I think that even with little to no knowledge of what happens in the previous books, the average reader can enjoy this book. In saying that, Whedonopolis has been provided a copy of Sixth Grave On the Edge to give away! Enter the contest by May 27!

Sixth Grave On the Edge is a paranormal romance novel and can be found on the shelves at your local bookstores starting May 20, 2014. You can find all the previous books in the Charley Davidson series at your local bookstores, as well as in online stores including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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