It’s been two years since Karen Gillan left her role as Amy Pond on Doctor Who, but she’s getting more fans in her role as Nebula on Guardians of the Galaxy and her ABC sitcom, Selfie. She talks about these roles, and more, when she appeared recently at Wizard World Reno. (See the video below.)

Her first question was about her exit in “The Angels Take Manhattan”. “I didn’t read the script for a good two weeks after I received it because I didn’t want it to be real”, she says, “and then when I read it, I burst into tears. I was really sad. It was so sad to say goodbye to that character. It really was.”

However, her career has gone well since then. She did compare working on TV  in Wales to doing the same in Hollywood. “It was colder in Wales. It was really cold there.,” she says. “Essentially the job was the same.”

However, the two shows were different. “”We would take five days to show an episode of Selfie,” she says, “and its just kind of fun and light jokes all the time. Whereas on Doctor Who, it was life or death situations every single day. It was just kind of fun”

She also talked about GoG, and how it’s helped establish stronger female characters in the movies. She talked about one scene with Zoe Saldana that didn’t make the final cut (but you can see it here and on the DVD next week). “We have a conversation with each other that’s not about a man, and that’s a big test in a film.” She also says that when she portrayed Nebula, she showed why she was bad compared to Gamora. That is expected to be explained even further in the next film in 2017. She’d be willing to take on Michael Rooker’s character if that’s included in the sequel.

She also praises Peter Capaldi’s performance as the Doctor this season, although she still is biased towards Matt Smith.  She also says which song is her favorite on the “Awesome Mix”, what songs would be on her mix-tape, and how she got her American accent for Selfie.

Here’s her appearance below, but there’s an extra clip of her with Rooker that was part of a Marvel podcast. They talk about the movie, along with who’d last longer in a zombie apocalypse. The video is a bit off, but it’s still a great moment.

The remaining episodes of her sitcom, Selfie, are currently available on Hulu.

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