The saga of Octopus Head Wesen continues. Nick continues adjusting to life without Grimm-powers and Trubel gets into some trouble!


As predicted, death doesn’t come so easily to Renard. A woman brings in a snake and freezes the attending doctors surrounding his body, so she can have the snake bite Renard on the injury site. She and the snake disappear, and Renard comes gasping back to life. Trubel is still tailing Lawrence Anderson (Octopus Head) and keeping in touch with Nick and Hank. She follows him into a hotel, where he goes into the bathroom to seemingly change his appearance.

Grimm 4.02 Octopus Head4Over in Vienna, Adalind shows up at Viktor’s and tells him she successfully took Nick’s powers; Viktor being shady as ever, tells her he needs proof. After she begs to be let in to see her baby, Viktor gives in. Little does Adalind know, Viktor doesn’t have her baby. Viktor leads Adalind into a dungeon cell, claiming that’s where the baby is. Really Adalind? Like they’re going to keep the royal baby in a dungeon.

On the subject of Nick’s powers, Rosalee doesn’t think she and Monroe are going to find anything in her books to help him. Lawrence has dyed his hair and donned glasses, and is going through the memories he stole from Henry last week, to try to get some answers. Trubel overhears his conversation with an associate of Henry’s, who he plans to meet with.

Grimm 4.02 Octopus Head1At the hospital, Renard is finally conscious and wakes up to the woman who saved him leaning over him. It turns out this is his mother. Is it just me, or has she aged freakishly well?

Nick speaks with a former associate of Lawrence’s, who says he recently suffered a head injury. It sounds like the same injury that Henry suffered last week; so the guy they’re following isn’t actually Lawrence Anderson. Nick dubs Octopus Head (O.H. henceforth) a “Wesen Spy;”and there’s no way to prove he’s stealing secrets because they’re all in his head. The Wesen FBI agent comes to talk to Nick and pressure him into answering some deeper questions. She woges, probably to test her theory about Nick being a Grimm, but since he doesn’t have his powers at the moment he didn’t have any reaction.

As Nick is being interrogated by the FBI agent, Hank is interrogated by Wu. As much as he is annoying me with his incessant questions about this stuff, I have to give the guy props for being consistent. He isn’t going to quit asking questions until he gets some real answers. The FBI agent makes a call as she leaves the station, telling whoever is on the other end that Nick isn’t the Grimm, but she thinks she knows who is.

Juliette talks to Rosalee and Monroe and tells them that she and Nick, aren’t sure how much they really want him to have his powers back. She says they should take their time in finding a way to fix this. They agree, but as she leaves they say to each other that they will keep looking anyways. Renard talks to his mother in the hospital and tells her he needs to speak to Nick, as well as inform her about her grandchild.

Grimm 4.02 Octopus Head5Trubel is still hot on O.H.’s trail, and follows him to his next victim’s house. She isn’t very good at keeping a low profile; he spots her through the window, sneaks up on her and knocks her unconscious. Nick tries calling Trubel, but O.H. has her tied up and drops her phone in an aquarium. Things aren’t going too well for Adalind either, who wakes up to rats crawling all around her in her cell. Someone starts talking to Adalind through a hole in her cell wall, and laughs creepily a few times.

It looks like O.H. is about to go all memory-sucking on Trubel, but he goes to the homeowner instead to steal his memories first, and then Trubel goes all ninja on him and starts kicking him around the house with her hands tied behind her back. Unfortunately for her, she can’t quite match up to him with her hands tied up, so he throws her down and starts sucking her brains out. Once O.H. figures out Trubel is a Grimm, he starts flipping out and jumps away from her. At the same time, Nick and Hank have finally arrived on scene.

Grimm 4.02 Octopus Head3Nick asks Trubel if she knows who he is, and she does. I guess O.H. didn’t get quite far enough in the process for her to completely lose her memories. Whew! Nick and Hank visit Renard in the hospital, who introduces them to his mother. Trubel rides off on Juliette’s bike, and Wu is chilling outside the house. Once she’s gone, Wu knocks on the door to ask for answers. As they are talking, Nick starts having a sharp pain in his head. It looks like somehow Nick and Adalind are sharing some weird bond that allows them to see through each other’s eyes. The episode ends with Trubel being abducted by the Wesen FBI agent.

Moral of the story, don’t let strange men into your house, you never know what kind of trouble you’ll get into. What did you think of the episode? Comment below!

Grimm airs on Fridays at 9/8c on NBC. Watch full episodes on, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video.

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