Before I begin, I have to say thank you Julie Plec for bringing Alaric back! Matt Davis is out of this world amazing and while there are all these #TeamStefan and #TeamDamon girls, I am, undoubtedly, #TeamAlaric…Yowzah!




Welcome to Mystic Falls, circa 1994, on a day that Damon considers his own personal hell and a day that Kai tries to get Damon to remember and own up to. He leads Bonnie and Damon to believe that it is key to getting them out of the limbo they’re in, but it soon becomes clear that Kai is just a psychopath who is messing with Damon. None-the-less, he has given them hope that they will get out of the limbo and see their loved ones again. But, poor Damon is stuck remembering what happened in 1994, when he returned to Mystic Falls for the first time.



Initially, he came home to be with Stefan and start a new life, or so he said, but it quickly becomes clear that he is just living up to the promise he made his brother to give him a lifetime of misery. Of course, said misery comes at the cost of others, including Zach’s very pregnant fiancé, who Damon kills right in front of them. However, he isn’t the only one with a deadly secret. Turns out Kai killed all of his brothers and sisters and then tried to go after the rest of his coven. Yes, that’s right crazy boy is a witch, although he can only temporarily steal power from other witches, which is exactly what he threatens to do to Bonnie should she and Damon attempt to leave him behind when they escape.

Black Hole Sun

Back in the land of the living, Stefan is taking Elena on a wild ride of just how one can change their identity and start a new life. He even goes as far as to pretend to propose to his ex-girlfriend in the middle of a crowded bar. Things take a turn south when Elena confronts Stefan for the way he is dealing with losing his brother, which of course leads Stefan to tell Elena the truth about her pathetic coping skills. A method, which Alaric confirms by handing his surrogate daughter a journal explaining everything. Did anyone, besides me, cry?

Meanwhile, the Sexiness… Ahem, I mean, Alaric, has his own issues to deal with, in the form of a very drunk and resentful, Jeremy. He seeks the help of his new nurse friend, Jo, for sage advice on how to keep Jeremy in line. Of course, she ends up flirting with him instead, and low and behold, I smell a budding romance. What is it with Alaric and nurses?


Oh and who can forget about the fact that Tripp has Enzo locked up in an old warehouse and the fact that Ivy, Stefan’s dead girlfriend, isn’t exactly dead.

Yes, I know it’s a lot to swallow but don’t worry, there will be more next week!


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