Sequestered Summer GlauAfter a two-month wait, Crackle has just released the second half of its 12-episode crime thriller Sequestered, featuring Summer Glau, Jesse Bradford and Patrick Warburton. It features the jury still struggling with the fate of a man accused of killing a governor’s young son, while one juror tries to get a conviction to save her kidnapped sister. It also includes some surprising plot twists about the governor.



The story so far:  Anna (Glau) is a juror in the trial of Malcom Miller (Darri Ingolfsson), a former caretaker accused of kidnapping and killing Nicholas Bennett, the eight year old son of California Governor Mark Bennett (Warburton). He says he didn’t kidnap Nicholas, despite the evidence. Although the jury’s been sequestered, she’s told to make sure the jury convicts Miller, or her family will be targeted. They’ve already kidnapped her sister, Jenny (Brooke Wexler).

Danny Firmin (Bradford), who was part of the Miller defense team, suspects that his boss, Ron Pritchard (Chris Ellis), deliberately flubbed the defense, He’s at least guilty of having an affair with Danny’s girlfriend, another attorney at the firm. Bennett, meanwhile, seems to be more interested in passing a gun control bill and finding gun smuggler, Victor Hally (Julian Grant) than in the outcome of this trial.

Sequestered Jesse BradfordAs the second half begins, Firmin’s dad, Joe (Bruce Davison), uncovers proof that someone is tracking the jury’s votes, but he gets run over by a driver. Then, a mysterious woman named Keira (Yetide Badaki) appears, claiming to be Miller’s new attorney. She really wants to know “where the money went”. Apparently the 80 million dollar ransom for Nicholas is missing, and she thinks Miller took it. He says doesn’t know about it because he’s innocent, but she doesn’t believe him. She turns out to be a key figure in what really happened to Nicholas.

As for  Anna, she relies on Ryan (Ryan McPartlin) to help her try to lobby the jurors to convict Miller. At this point, she is beside herself because of all the pressure on her. However, she changes her attitude to a more friendly manner. Although the story keeps Glau’s character in one spot, she does a fine job as a woman under pressure, trying to find a way to save her sister, even at the cost of a man’s life.

Jenny  almost escapes, at one point, but her captor, Hugh Cross (Trevor Torseth), stops her in time. She asks why he’s doing this, and he says it’s just a job. However, his job includes threatening Pritchard and tying up loose ends for his real boss.

It also turns out there is a mole in the jury, who communicates with Cross in an unusual way.

Sequestered Patrick WarburtonBennett is more involved in the overall story, mostly due to his connection with Hally. In fact, it’s deeper than anyone thought. He even takes some unusual steps to find out what really happened to his son. Warburton is very good as a man still wounded by the loss of his son, but the plot twists make his character look less like a governor and more like Tony Soprano.

Also, his chief of staff, Wilson (Max Bird-Ridnell), also proves to be tougher and more manipulative than he looks. His place in this mystery is also surprising.

Bennett’s wife, Helen (Dina Meyer), becomes more involved after she visits Miller in prison. She meets two people that might affect the jury’s decision, but one of her decisions makes her look just as manipulative as her husband.

Firmin gets some valuable help from Kevin Mohr (James Maslow), a computer genius who helps him find evidence. Pritchard, meanwhile, looks like he’ll get caught in the conspiracy when it’s revealed he’s also talked to Hally and may have taken cash from him.

Sequestered is a good crime drama, but some may be put off by the plot twists in the second half, especially about the governor. Still, it’s worth it to see all 12 episodes at once to see the full story, and the performances from Glau, Bradford and Warburton. By the way, Kevin Tanchareon, who directed Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode, “Face My Enemy”, also directed the second half of Sequestered.

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