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Well now…sure looks like my fellow Browncoats have a reason to get excited today.  QMXi and Spark Plug Games just announced at San Diego Comic-Con that the entire original cast of Firefly will reunite to lend their voices for the upcoming strategy RPG Firefly Online.

This ain’t no hoax, folks.  Check out the latest trailer below and our favorite captain in the whole ‘verse will tell you himself.

Serenity has continued to fly on in graphic novel form helmed by Zack Whedon and Buffy comic artist Georges Jeanty (see our review of Issue #1 here), but it will be a terrific joy to say the least to see the crew come to life on the screen once again once this new online game is released.  There is no release date to mark on your calendars just yet, but given how Firefly Online was originally planned to set course for this summer, our guess is we will have at least another year to wait…but hopefully it won’t be that long until more shiny trailers come our way.

As stoked as we are for this incredible news, one critical detail left under wraps hovers before us in the depths of space with pregnant pause: we have yet to uncover any confirmation that Joss or Zack will be joining the crew on board for this new voyage.  We obviously cannot imagine how any incarnation of Firefly could fly without Whedon input, but stranger things have happened during the translation of storied TV and movie franchises into video games, so for now, we must celebrate the news we have so far with cautious optimism.

Source: The Verge

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