Weird Al 1

After teasing fans with a “big important cryptic announcement” on Twitter, master of pop and parody “Weird Al” Yankovic unleashed the striking photo you see above, which Rolling Stoneconfirmed this morning could only mean one thing: another new ALbum is coming!

This momentous occasion nearly immediately followed the posting of the image below, proclaiming Al’s upcoming appearance as Sir Isaac Newton on Epic Rap Battles of History, which should be released at some point later today:

Weird Al 2

What should be most exciting for fans to learn is that this heretofore-unnamed album will conclude Al’s recording label contract. This means that Al will no longer be beholden to producing entire albums worth of parody and pastiche at staggered intervals. From this point forth, Al might just finally become free to pen and release new music whenever he damn well pleases through the already burgeoning methods of digital distribution.

If the thought of Al having his own Bandcamp page and AL-TV overriding YouTube broadcasts doesn’t make you giddy enough to run laps around the wheel with Harvey the Wonder Hamster, I don’t know what will.

All I need now is to get my new smart Internet-connected TV to work. Al, would you mind helping me with that?

06/16/2014 17:02 UPDATE: The Epic Rap Battle of History featuring Al as Sir Isaac Newton is now LIVE!!!

And that’s not all! Behold the first ever teaser for Al’s new album:

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