This was the Rumplestiltskin episode! And the Sgt. Wu episode! And the sudoku episode! …Seriously, sudoku was the key to the mystery. Grimm - Season 2

Some episodes, I wonder if the writers are trying to see how much ridiculously goofy things they can fit into one episode. This episode, Nameless, was one of these episodes. I mean, seriously, the killer used a sudoku puzzle as a clue to who he would target next.

Grimm - Season 2Usually, I’m too busy looking at the Wesen world drama and bro-shipping to pay much attention to the murder being solved, but this one made me focus on the killer. And I must say I was pretty disappointed with him. I mean, he just jumps off the building in the end. Not to mention, he’s lured in pretty easily. He goes from clever revenge plan, slicing people in half with acid and leaving puzzle clues, to just giving up. It felt kind of anti-climactic. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it was just fine and I need to tame my blood lust, but I feel a bit unfulfilled.

And speaking of Juliette- oh, yeah, that’s right. We’re weren’t speaking of Juliette. Even though her storyline comprised half the episode. They spent half of this episode having Juliette ask Monroe to help her remember Nick, while Rosalee gave him meaningful looks. I just didn’t feel like that should have taken up so much of the episode. Plus, if you were Monroe, wouldn’t you have taken Rosalee aside and said, “We’ll help her with other aspects of her memory, but this is Nick’s secret. I don’t feel comfortable revealing it.” I guess if he’d said that, they wouldn’t be about to take a field trip to the trailer, but still. It all just seemed really weak. Seriously, if they don’t do something with Juliette’s character this Friday, I’ll be ready to see her die. A Skalengeck attack would do nicely, I think.

Grimm - Season 2And once again, the writers have forgotten that Nick is supposed to be starring in the show and have given Prince Renard the most interesting storyline. He’s having secret meetings where he’s learning about plots of deception, during which his brother sent someone to bomb a restaurant he was meeting in. The Prince notices the bomb just in time and saves the day. I’m not the only one who found that to be the most exciting part of the episode, right?

Bottom line, if they had just given Sasha Roiz or David Giuntoli a shirtless scene, I wouldn’t have even noticed Juliette’s non-storyline.

What have we learned?: The royal family is getting serious about starting their plan to take over the world. Nick is still a Wesen spotting homicide detective. And Juliette still just wants to know what’s going on. Still. For the 14th episode in a row.

What’s going to happen?: Hopefully Juliette gets to do something more than look confused and ask what’s happening. And maybe, if she doesn’t join team Grimm, she might go to work some day. I mean, is she a semi-part-time veterinarian? I’m hoping we’ll get to see Nick and Prince Renard work together. And, of course, I’m still waiting for Nick’s mom to show up.

What do you think? Am I too hard on Juliette? Is Prince Renard’s storyline more interesting than Nick’s? Are you missing seeing Monroe act as Grimm Deputy? Let me know in the comments.

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