Metal Hurlant Chronicles: Second Chance. Photo Credit:

Metal Hurlant Chronicles: Second Chance. Photo Credit:

***SPOILERS Below***

Honestly, this was the most confusing episode of Metal Hurlant Chronicles to date for me. I had no idea what was going on, especially at the end of the episode. The story began with Joe going to an intergalactic casino, playing cards and making a bad bet. He loses, and is given one day to pay the kingpin, Xero Trobe, his debt either with his eyes or half a million dollars. Instead of trying to find a way to get the money, Joe decides to go to the local house of ill repute. However, due to the stress he’s under because of his debt, Joe cannot perform. He tells his woman of the evening about his debt, and is thrilled to discover that she has the map to find a pirate ship that is loaded with treasure. The only problem is that she doesn’t have a ship to get to the treasure.

Together, the pair decide to commandeer a ship, as Joe has lost his while he was playing cards earlier, and from there, they head off to find the treasure. Unfortunately for Joe, Xero sees him leaving, and sends some of his own pilots to recapture Joe and his eyes or, if that proves impossible, blow him and his stolen ship to kingdom come. With some tricky maneuvers to stay out of the way of Xero’s pilots, Joe and his new accomplice end up safely at the space portal where they need to be to get to No Man’s Land, where the treasure is.

Of course, nothing in life is that easy, and once Joe and his partner reach No Man’s Land, they discover how dangerous it is. There’s all sorts of debris, and it’s nearly impossible to safely keep away from it. Joe turns the ship, and by lucky coincidence, they have stumbled upon the pirate ship. Joe makes short work of landing his commandeered ship onto the pirate ship, and he and his partner disembark and head towards the treasure, which is just as grand as it was promised to be. While they are trying to get to the treasure, the pirate ship starts shaking and starts to fall into a black hole. Joe and his partner try to escape, but they too are dragged into the black hole and the unknown.

The episode ends with what ultimately feels like a semi-religious note, as the two wake up in a gorgeous land, filled with greenery and beauty. Their clothes have been torn to shreds, but still cover their important bits. While exploring, Joe and his partner find two things – a snake hanging in a tree that has a delicious looking apple hanging from a branch.

I found this episode to be implausible, especially the ending. It felt disjointed, and I didn’t like the reference to the story of Adam and Eve. Is this meant to be slyly making a point about the beginnings of humanity? I wish I knew.

What did you think of this episode of Metal Hurlant Chronicles? How did you interpret the episode? Let us know in the comments.

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