Welcome to the wonderful world of directing, Paul Wesley! This episode marked the actor’s directing debut and it went off without a hitch, well, with the exception of a few tears of nostalgia.


The episode begins with Elena and Stefan meeting on the street in front of Mystic Grille, and of course we find ourselves missing the whole, ‘Stelena,’ era. This of course, is all just a dream, which apparently both Elena and Stefan are having in sync with one another. This is not even the worst of it, which Bonnie learns when Grams comes to find her from the other side and tells her that things are out of sorts. Further confirmation of this comes when the Travelers take over Mystic Falls and Sheriff Forbes, who kills Matt, turns out the other side is worse than ever and it seems that souls are being dragged into Hell all because Marcos decided to crawl out through Bonnie.


Bonnie and Jeremy, of course, are having issues since Liv decided to join forces with the vampire hunter to find all of the travelers and put an end to them once and for all. This does not sit well with sometimes dead Bonnie, but a hunter’s gotta do what he’s gotta do.

As the visions begin to intensify it seems that Elena is beginning to have questions about where her true feelings lie, although there is no denying the connection between her and Damon, but Stefan was the first for her and that’s hard to let go.  So, when the visions end both Elena and Stefan are clearly shaken.


The visions, although sad for those Stelena fans out there, brought about something both Stefan and Elena needed badly…closure. In the last few minutes of the episode there was a pivotal moment between the two former lovers where they finally were able to let go, not something everyone wanted to see.

Back on the other wise Matt is still stuck and, with Vicki sucked into Hell, he is left with an impatient Kol who simply just wants Matt’s help to figure out what happened on the other side, the poor Original was practically begging. Someone must find out what is happening and put a stop to it before all the souls who passed on are sucked into the same fate as Vicki and Katharine.


Wait it’s not over yet, Tyler….is NOT Tyler! Why is he always the one who gets possessed?

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