Episode 5 or what I like to call the “sex” episode of Bates Motel. Norman and Cody sit in her car following his “mother-like” blackout. He can’t explain what happened to her and tells her to definitely not tell his mother, which she laughingly agrees not too. Dylan is woken up by Remo who explains that crazy bleach blonde, Zane has done it again. He burned down Sheriff Romero’s house! Remo looks to Dylan for what to do. Norman later returns home to his mother. She explains that Dylan has moved out and they have to move on. “It’s always been you and me!” Norma cries. CREDITS.


This episode really moves the plot forward for a lot of characters, so let’s get right to it! Sheriff Romero is now homeless because of Zane’s fire, so he comes to stay at Bates Motel, of course. Norma greets him with a hilarious, “Why are you here?” to which Sheriff Romero responds, “You might want to reword your greeting to your guests.” Oh, Norma! Romero just asks for privacy. Norma decides to give Nick Ford (Michael O’Neill) a call. He’s been waiting for her to call. He tells her to come down to the docks to meet with him. Yes, Norma listen to this creepy man and heads to the docks.


Meanwhile, the teens of the show Emma and Norman are both dealing with burgeoning feelings for the newcomers in their life. For Emma, that is weed-dealer, Gunner (Keenan Tracey), and for Norman, it’s rebellious tatted smoker, Cody Brennan. “Dancing in the Moonlight” plays on the radio, which is way more in sync with this show than Katy Perry’s “Roar” from last week! Emma asks Norman about Dylan, and he tells her Dylan has moved out and she has to accept it. She doesn’t understand why it had to come to something so dire, but they are interrupted by Gunner, who flirts with Emma and insists on taking her out later. Norman gets a little jealous, saying he sells pot, but Emma defends him saying, “Nobody is perfect.” Cue Cody’s arrival.

Cody definitely has the “I don’t give a crap” look down, smoking while leaning on her car. Norma approaches her and is taken aback by her rudeness and casual attitude toward a parental figure. It was pretty hilarious. Cody calls Norma a “piece of work.” Cody forgot the money for tech, so they have to stop by her creepy house, which she is not thrilled about. She tells Norman to wait in the car, which, of course, he doesn’t. Cody’s dad seems cool and fun — not! Norman overhears yelling before Cody rushes out. She calls her dad a “dick” and now wants to show Norman something in the woods, instead of getting the lumber with the now $600 she has.

Cody takes him to a secluded lake, then to a treehouse, gets Norman to drink some beer, and then professes that she wants to hitchhike to Mexico. They exchange “I’ve never met anyone like you” pleasantries before Norman reveals his “blackout” status to Cody, the first time he’s ever told anyone about it. Norman says he feels safe with her. They start kissing… then undressing… then uh-oh!


As for Emma, she asks Norma for advice about having sex for the first time. It’s an awkward scene between them, but Norma says, “If you have feelings for him and he’s good, then the first time should be lovely.” Aw. She warns Emma about birth control and STDs before kissing her on the forehead. It’s nice to see Emma looks up to Norma for a mother figure. With Norma’s advice in tow, Emma meets Gunner and they walk along the beach, kissing. Later, Emma and Gunner are in a bed at Bates Motel. She takes off her oxygen tank and they start doing it… to Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home.” WHY, Bates Motel, WHY?!

Norma heads to the docks, where she meets Nick Ford on a fancy yacht called “Amnesia IV.” I wonder if he forgot about all his other boats? How funny! He serves and fetes Norma, saying she, as an innocent, single young mother, can oppose the road construction, but he can’t. He said he is going to pull some strings and gives Norma a card, telling her to go see a man name Bryan Fuller in town. Norma worries about the city council – especially a man named Lee Berman, who was extra vicious to her. Nick tells her not to worry about him. Ominous music plays!


Norma visits Bryan Fuller (Keven Santos), a biologist who gives her an environmental impact report about how the bypass construction will harm an endangered gopher species. He tells her to deliver this to city hall, which Norma does proudly. She is confused as to how this is all mysteriously taken care of by Nick Ford.


Sheriff Romero confronts Zane. By confront, I mean, he beats him up, punching and kicking him, saying that he is going to bury Zane and his business if he messes with him again. Romero heads back to the motel, where he runs into Norma. She insists on treating his wounds. Things get eerie between them as she cleans him up. A bit of sexual tension, perhaps? Norma tells Romero about Nick Ford and he warns her to stay away from him.


Dylan meets Zane at the only Mexican restaurant in town. Zane looks like crap, but remains steadfast that his decision to hire a guy to burn down Romero’s house was worth it. As the two walk down the street, a car drives-by and tries to shoot Zane, but Dylan saves him. The car whirls back around and Dylan runs into the street to try and shoot them, but ends up getting run-over! Stupid Dylan! He later wakes up in a hospital, where a mysterious blonde woman says you saved my brother’s life and I’m paying your expenses. She reveals herself to be Dylan’s boss!

Meanwhile, Norman arrives home from his treehouse romp with Cody. Norma basically tells Norman to stop hanging out with “rude and awful” Cody. Norman tries to argue, but eventually acquiesces to his mother’s wishes. Romero arrives back at the motel. Do mine ears deceive me or did I hear a hint of the original “Psycho” theme by Bernard Herrmann? Yes, more of that please! But Romero gives Norma the news that city council member, Lee Berman, has mysteriously died in a car crash! Dun, dun, dun… The end.

Next week, more blackouts, weed, car crashes, and secrets! I’m actually enjoying where the season is headed. What did you guys think of this episode? Halfway done with the season! Comment below and let me know your thoughts, questions, concerns, and musings!

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