Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/Fox

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/Fox

In this week’s new episode of The Crazy Ones, Sydney is dating (and living with) the waiter from the previous episode, Owen (Steve Talley), to hilarious results, while Simon gets baby fever, and Lauren goes along for the ride while Zach and Andrew contemplate changing their current paths at Lewis, Roberts + Roberts. It was a hilarious episode, and I plan to watch it at least a few more times.


After my disappointment in the previous episode of The Crazy Ones, I was thrilled to fall in love with the new episode this week! All the insanity that we’ve come to love and expect from the show was there, and laughter was prevalent in my household throughout the show. The episode opens with Simon and Lauren in the board room, standing at the front of a table that is surrounded by adorable babies who will be used for a client’s ad campaign for baby clothes. I had to laugh when Lauren made a comment about how cute the babies were. It sounded exactly like something my friends and I would say. The best part is, though, that Simon openly admits having “baby fever” because Sydney is dating Owen, the waiter from the previous episode, and Simon hopes to have a grandchild in his near future. Since there is the prominent stereotype that women are baby crazy, it was nice to see a cliché so well subverted.

In the mean time, Sydney is completely wrapped up in her new relationship with Owen to the point that she won’t even acknowledge that yes, she is human and she needs to use the bathroom, etc. Instead, she maintains her first date behavior and ends up running down to a local business to use the bathroom there, which ends up costing her lots of money because the shop owner takes advantage of her need to go to the bathroom. It’s absolutely hilarious, but I’m not going to share all the details of what happened. Trust me; it’s worth watching and snickering over again and again.

Back at the office, Andrew has been working with someone new because Zach was out of town on vacation. While he was gone, Andrew enjoyed having a working partner who didn’t annoy him the way Zach does. This leads to them “breaking up” their partnership and trying new creative collaborations. This was one of my favorite things about the episode, since it was played as a romantic relationship until the end of the episode, when they “get back together” to the theme from Dawson’s Creek. I nearly cried from laughing by the time this plot line wrapped up!

My favorite parts of the episode included Simon hiring Owen as a photographer, then using one of his admitted phobias (spiders, tight spaces, and babies) to try and get him past that fear. It doesn’t work, of course, but watching Owen’s growing terror while he’s working is pretty funny. I also loved how Owen working at Lewis, Roberts + Roberts made Sydney feel like she had to continue her “first date” behavior and not act like herself around her new squeeze. Watching Sydney break and just let everything out was one of the best moments in the episode. I also loved the break up scene. It wasn’t dramatic, just an acceptance and understanding that not all relationships work out and the people involved can definitely stay friendly.

What parts of the episode spoke most to you? Did you like seeing Zach and Andrew’s relationship grow? Do you feel Simon went overboard in his baby mania? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to check out The Crazy Ones episodes, photos, and video clips on!

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