On Jan. 13, Pivot will be starting the Buffy and Veronica Power Hours where they will air Buffy and Veronica Mars as part of their new women empowerment programming block.

“Buffy and Veronica Mars are enormously entertaining and celebrated TV shows with significant cultural and social relevance,” said Evan Shapiro, President, Pivot. “Both focus on smart, strong, young women dealing with critical issues from class struggles to gender roles – challenges facing a great many of our viewers. Pivot will contextualize the shows, presenting them with exclusive commentary from fans, experts and academics, to both celebrate these two great series and begin a dialogue with our viewers.”

The block will feature back-to-back episodes Mondays through Fridays at 10pm ET/9pm CT and 11pm ET/10pm CT. Find the channel for Pivot in your area, or find out more about Pivot on their website and Facebook page.

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