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Yay! The latest episode of The Crazy Ones– aptly titled “Sixteen Inch Softball,” is the one I’ve been waiting to see for weeks! This is the episode I got to watch being filmed, and previously wrote about in this article. In the episode, Lewis, Roberts + Roberts have dropped an ad campaign, which means someone has to be fired. Simon and Gordon argue over where the cut will come from, and eventually agree to a softball showdown where the loser has to fire someone from their staff. This isn’t helped by Simon’s bragging about the last time they played softball and how he hit five home runs.

In the mean time, Andrew is back with his girlfriend, Nancy. He and Sydney have a chat about how he told Nancy that Sydney had kissed him, not the other way around, and that’s why Nancy doesn’t like her. Sydney is very unhappy about that, as she wants to be friendly with Nancy. The reference to that kiss made me really happy because I really would like to see Andrew and Sydney eventually become a couple, and their interactions throughout the episode lend me hope that it will happen in the future. In the mean time, however, Nancy visits Andrew at work and awkwardness ensues when Sydney sees her leaving with Andrew and tries to strike up a conversation. I cringed, but I understood what Sydney was trying to do.

Shortly after that, Simon is giving a rallying speech to his employees about the softball game, and ends up rousing everyone into cheering for their team. That moment reminded me of a very famous line from The Dead Poet Society, and I felt the need to stand up and chant “Oh captain, my captain!” As I was watching with my dad, per our tradition since the pilot, I mentioned this and my dad laughed, then mocked me at the next commercial break. Ah, father/daughter bonding…

When the show returned after a commercial break, I got excited. The teams were finally at the baseball field, and this was what I’d watched being shot when I saw the set so many weeks ago. It was fun to watch how scenes I’d seen being shot were edited together. I also loved that the background music included Blitzkrieg Bob by The Ramones, a favorite band of mine. I bopped along as I watched. Next came the scene I assumed was coming, the Simon and Zach chat. It’s impossible not to love their relationship and how they support each other. That speech allowed Simon to be brave enough to head up to bat, and as he prepped to hit the softball, his back gave out. I give a lot of props to the post-production sound engineers, because that moment sounded horrifically painful. Gordon had to give Simon a piggy back ride to get help.

In the mean time, while Simon was being taken care of, Sydney went up to bat and accidentally smacked Nancy in the face with the soft ball via a swing gone wrong. Nancy calls Sydney out, and Sydney apologizes all over herself until she sees Andrew giving her a look. She ends up telling Nancy “If I can’t have [Andrew], no one can” and Andrew mouthed a thank you to her as he ushered his girlfriend away.

After being given meds to help with his back, Simon ends up back at bat. I won’t ruin the ending, but it was hilarious! Dad and I both laughed. Overall, this was a fantastic episode, and my episode MVP was Simon. The story arc suited him perfectly and had a lot of great moments. I only wish that Lauren had been more involved in the episode. The only other thing that sucks is that there’s a two week wait until the next new episode airs due to Thanksgiving.

Did you miss this episode, or do you just want to watch it once again? As always, CBS has the episode in its entirety on their website. You can enjoy it here.

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