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The further and further we get into this season of The Crazy Ones, the more I love it! This week, the episode opened with our favorite gang of five watching an old commercial on YouTube that Simon had done much earlier on in his career. There was a fantastic moment where Andrew is mouthing along with the lines one of the people in the ad says, and it’s absolutely hilarious! The ad campaign has become popular again, so the plan is to resurrect the campaign with the original man who played the character Mr. Finger, Glenn Hastings (Ed Asner). He comes to the office, and of course things go slightly wonky.

In this episode, we also meet Gordon Lewis (guest star Brad Garrett), the Lewis of Lewis, Roberts + Roberts. He is dry, and his offbeat humor is a fine addition to an already fun show. In his office, Gordon discovers a bill for an account he knows nothing about – the Stan Woods account. Being that his mind is like a steel trap, he asks Simon about the account, claiming to know nothing about it. Simon and crew then hurry out as quickly as possible to avoid further questioning.

While this is happening, Sydney and Glenn have gone to a late lunch/early dinner, and Sydney has been flirting with Glenn. It turns into the surprise of her life when Glenn takes advantage of her when she’s flagging him a cab and kisses her. The look of incredulity mixed with shock and horror is a look that Sarah Michelle Gellar has perfected, and it’s hilarious! I won’t spoil the image here, so go watch the episode if you haven’t to check it out.

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The next day, Sydney recounts her experience for Zach, Andrew, and Lauren, and they point out that she sort of lead Glenn on, which included all three mocking what she’d said the day before. In the flashbacks of Sydney talking to Glenn the day before, there seemed to be a reference to the season 7 episode of Buffy, where there’s a slow motion dreamy fantasy sequence. Though it probably wasn’t intended as a Buffy reference, I really enjoyed that moment. It made me laugh because we all have had those moments where our friends mock us and twist words that we’ve said which were intended to be innocent.

While this is happening, Gordon also comes back to the office to demand the truth about the Stan Woods account. Simon tries to fake him out by pretending to be Stan Wood, only to be called out for pretending to be Polish and not knowing the capital of Poland. With this information being discovered, we also learn a little more about Gordon and Simon, including how they met and why they formed Lewis, Roberts + Roberts. It’s a great moment, even though it leads to a tough situation shortly after. Simon has to drop the Stan Wood account for the safety of the agency, since it involves a conflict of interest for them. Simon does so in a hilarious and creative way that also helps give the true owner of the Stan Wood account a better chance at retiring. It’s very sweet and gives us the opportunity to see Simon, Zach, Andrew, Lauren, and Glenn ‘Mr. Fingers,’ selling cars.

My MVP for this episode is Andrew. He’s just becoming more and more interesting, and the more we learn about him, the more I like him! He also had one of the best lines of the episode, which was: “We’re basically a pimp in a mink hat away from being whores.” In context, that line is perfectly delivered and made me snort as I watched the episode. It was also great to finally meet the Lewis of Lewis, Roberts + Roberts. He’s a great addition to the show. I also can’t wait for next week’s episode, which is the one that I saw filming and where I met Robin, Sarah, and James, as well as a lot of awesome crew members. Be sure to check out this week’s episode of The Crazy Ones here to keep up with this hilarious show!

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