Good evening, Bones fans. We waited an extra week to see what was next for the couple, and last night was their honeymoon. It takes place in Buenos Aires, with the two lovebirds relaxing and having drinks.


From the start, Brennan is anxious and pretty much unable to enjoy “doing nothing.” It is obvious she just isn’t at home lounging with a cocktail. She suggests taking Booth somewhere she had enjoyed… a morgue of course. It starts to look like the beginning of another case, but Brennan will be working with Dr. Perez who definitely does not want to share the work load or the case at all. The tension is thick, but the inspector insists on allowing the newlyweds in on the case, and away we go!
Brennan webcams the team, and the investigation into an elderly man’s murder begins.

The team at the Jeffersonian are put to work, but were a little annoyed- as all of us were- that the couple was working a case at all. I mean, it is their honeymoon, and they are not really taking advantage of it. However, it is clear from the beginning the two love their work and love working together… so this case will be solved.
As Brennan and Perez work together in the lab, the team back home does the analyzing, and Booth and the inspector Raphael do the foot work. This is a lot of fun for Booth because the inspector, and most of the city, are big fans of the books; and treat Booth like a celebrity. I think Booth needed the boost, and it made working this case more enjoyable for sure. Booth kept mentioning throughout the episode that he was a “national hero,” and we saw a sillier side of him.

Although Perez and Brennan butt heads the entire investigation, they worked together, and as the pieces started falling into place, we knew Brennan alone would solve this mystery. She seems egotistical many times, but she always delivers, and the case would not have started or ended without her brilliance.

We find out early on that the murder victim is hidden in the separate remains of 30 yr old murders. He is a very elderly white man, who has a very young and suspicious wife. Although that angle is worked, after evidence emerges, we discover he was a fake. His real identity was of a Nazi and a horrible murderer. What’s crazier is the cellar where his fortune was hiding.

This fortune included a box of gold bars, which Brennan and Perez uncover as the murder weapon. Everything points to his unconventional wife, or someone who wants his money… it was very shocking to discover it was neither. He had a granddaughter who discovered who he really was, and was disgusted by the atrocities of her grandfather. What is sad is that it was none other than Dr. Perez, the sweet woman who worked her entire life solving crimes and fighting evil. She just couldn’t bare the reality of having a monster like him go unpunished.

Now she will be punished, and Temperance would not have discovered this if she hadn’t been polite and given her a hand shake. Bones felt a hereditary deformity in the hand shake that made everything clear. The wife was let go, and Perez arrested. It was not obvious, which was great.
 What a honeymoon, ay?

Back in D.C., Hodgins and Angela are taking care of little Katherine, and it looks like they become sweet on the idea of another child. Having two kids was exhausting for them, but you could see them loving it deep down. They are a great couple, and after this episode, I think there may be another baby in store for them.

At the end of tonight’s episode we see them back where they started… sipping on drinks and enjoying their honeymoon. But this time  there seems to be a peace and satisfaction there for both. Plus the sparks were flying between Booth and Bones throughout the episode. They just work well together, and are the odd balls we know and love. 

Bones is moving to a new night, Friday, so don’t forget to tune in!

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