This week Teen Wolf caught up with all of the Lydia’s visions as the pack attempts to rescue her, stay two steps ahead of Eichen House and one step ahead of Theo and his chimera pack, all while the Beast of of Gévaudan continues its rampage on Beacon Hills.

**** Spoilers Below ****

This episode we finally put some context to Lydia’s second vision.  We already knew that Theo and his pack come for her in Eichen House and, for whatever reason, Hellhound Parrish arrives, as well.  What we find out in “Amplification” is that both Scott and his pack, as well as Theo and his associates, are separately coming for our favorite banshee.

teen-wolf-5b-to-hell-back-what-does-it-mean-727271 Before we get there though, this week starts out with the Beast of of Gévaudan in full “Hulk mode” destroying everything in his wake, except for Hellhound Parrish.  It seems that these two forces of the supernatural will be duking it out a number of times for the rest of this season.  Maybe the hellhound isn’t supposed to kill the beast, but subdue it’s rage until it chTW 5.15 Lydiaanges back to its human host.  This opens up all sorts of other questions that were raised, do we know the host of the beast?  Better question, what happens if the Beast of Gévaudan is killed in its human host?

All of this has to wait because the rest of this episode and what looks like next week’s “Lie Ability” will be focusing on trying to save Lydia Martin from too many groups of bad guys to even consider.  After all, there is the crazy scientist, the Eichen House staff and, then, there is Theo and his entourage.  Entertainingly enough, Lydia’s Mom is also trying to get to her daughter, thanks to Sheriff Stilinski who seemed to force some common sense into Natalie about what she signed her daughter up for.

TeenWolf-515-amp-TheoI have a new theory about Theo’s goals.  First, let’s start by saying we all know that he wants the Beast of of Gévaudan’s power because he’s the strongest werewolf that we know of.  I am thinking before he attains the beast’s power, he is going after the hellhound.  I believe his plan is to capture Lydia to bring Parrish to his trap to steal his power and allow Theo to be the image we have all scene.  It is Theo going up against the Beast of of Gévaudan and not Parrish.  Theo is power hungry, so why wouldn’t he steal Parrish’s power to give himself every chance of destroying the beast.

This week was the first time we have seen Scott’s pack reunited for the purpose of saving Lydia. It felt good for them to operate, not only as trusted friends again, but as a pack who were not giving up until they got back their last framily.  There has been a pattern out of Stilinski.  This has been twice in a few weeks where he willingly goes outside of the Law because it was TW 5.15 Scottthe right the thing to do, and giving permission to Stilies to break Lydia out of Eichen House was an awesome scene.  It was also so good to watch Scott, Stiles and Liam on the same page. It has been so long since they have been together.  We all know how much Stiles cares for Lydia, so it must have been very difficult to leave her in restraints after all the work to get to her.  One thing is for certain, Stiles isn’t leaving her in Eichen House.  Still the best battle scene tonight will be going to Scott and Liam.  They were outnumbered against Eichen’s security with taser batons, they looked like they were going to be beaten when Scott’s alpha power emerged.  For this part of the season, Scott’s not been weakened, still healing from multiple attacks, tonight with his pack nearly whole and with his beta nearly killed, Scott once again tapped into a strength we hardly ever get to see.  Noticeably, it comes out when he is a protector, this week it was immediately Liam, but I can guess that we will be seeing more of the Alpha Scott next week.

Speaking of, the best part of this two-parter is in a few days.  Get caught up on MTV and join us next Tuesday for part two.  What’s going to happen to Lydia? Which pack will free her?  Who is the Beast of of Gévaudan?

Stay tuned as all of these questions, and probably a few more we haven’t even thought of yet, will be answered as we keep watching Teen Wolf on Tuesday nights at 9pm/8 central on MTV.



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