Yeah, this show has gotten so bad, it’s hilarious. So while I wait for Alexis Denisof to appear, I figured I might as well enjoy it.

This episode was all about two things. 1) Curing Nick. 2) Dealing with consequences. Oh, yeah. And there was Plotline B, which focused on Adalind, but we’ll talk about that later.


Grimm - Season 3So, if you read my last review, you’ll know I’m surprised that we’re dealing with consequences. But while it was good that there were consequences, the reaction to the consequences- specifically Nick’s- was all off. After the first two seasons where Nick hides bodies, pretends to investigate murders he committed, and lies to the FBI, we’re suddenly supposed to believe he’s all torn up about one random guy he killed while out of his mind. The only difference is he doesn’t remember this kill. (Well- at least not till it’s convenient.) Is that the difference? Killing is ok as long as he does it intentionally? Or is it that the victim wasn’t a Wesen. Because last time I checked, Wesen are people, too. And if that’s not the case, then things are way more jacked up than we have time to discuss in one review.

Grimm - Season 3Alright, so let’s talk about all the ridiculous things about this episode. Oh, you thought we already were? Ha! First of all, the slow-mo of the cops walking toward Nick as he decides whether he’ll tell them the truth. Will he, won’t he? Will he, won’t he? Of course he won’t! I was laughing so hard during that scene. And he suddenly has a flashback just of the victim pulling out his knife, thus making Nick’s actions self-defense and clearing his conscience. Yeah, that’s a really convenient memory ya got there, bud. Also, everyone you consider to be a friend and/or supposedly love just finished lying for you, thus making them a bunch of accomplices. But that doesn’t concern you, Nick. Clearing your conscience and getting your punishment is more important. …dick. And when Nick is chasing Monroe and Hank and corners them in the hay loft, they don’t want to hurt their dear friend while they take him down. So they grab a pitchfork and a gun. What?! And when the guy with the family comes and asks them, “Who is that guy?” They panic and tell him it was Nick’s fake alias. Instead of simply (and realistically) saying, “It’s sensitive information. Move it along.” And why was it such an ordeal to tell Nick he zombied out? That was the stupidest dramatic build up EVAR. No, I take that back. I just remembered the slow-mo cop moment again. *giggles* And when they’re all torn up about lying to protect Nick. One or more of them lies literally every episode. What’s with the sudden apprehension? Oh, and the flashback that “revealed” that Captain Half-Prince destroyed the surveillance footage. Did you need that flashback? Were you unclear about that? Yeah, me neither. And, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, my favorite part was when they slowly, stutteringly rehashed the opening sequence of the last episode. You know, the sequence that unnecessarily rehashed the last few minutes of the season finale? The one that was borderline torturous to sit through? Yeah, they revisited that.

And by the way, can we all feel a little bad for Nick? He’s been through this whole rage-zombie ordeal, he just wants to get laid, and Juliette is just like, “No, I’m good. You should sleep.” I have said this before, I’ll say it again. Hot guy. In your house. Take advantage of that situation! So many reasons to slap Juliette. And while we’re complaining about poor character decisions, what the eff’s up with Monroe? He used to be this bad-ass Blutbad fighting his blood lust and trecking the lovable side of odd-ball. And now he’s a wussy who can barely use his Wesen powers (how many times did he lose Nick’s scent?) and whines when his wounds are being ever-so-gently tended. Seriously, writers, fix your stuff!

Grimm - Season 3And now let’s turn our attention to Adalind. I- it- WTF? Ok, so apparently we weren’t done mutilating the dead witch’s body. We now need to gather all those dead flowers and stick them inside the dead witch. Let the mixture stew for a few minutes, then collect the nasty red goop. Then Adalind takes the goop and rubs it on her stomach. And once again I’m left uncertain as to whether I just watched her regain her powers, or if I just saw a magical abortion. But I can say that Stefania, the creepy gypsy-witch, got the best lines of the episode. “You must become accustomed to the smell of death.” In fact, take out the slow-mo cop scene and the stuttered rehash and just have Stefania say more creepy stuff. That would- well, if not fix the episode, greatly improve it.

Also, “PTZD.” Post Traumatic Zombie Disorder. Yeah, ok. And it was nice to see that, despite every previous experience suggesting Rosalee should make a back-up supply, they still only brought one dose of antidote. Good to know some things will never change. *rolls eyes*

And this is unrelated, but writers, can I haz shirtless scenes? It won’t make Grimm a “girl show” if you provide eye-candy. Arrow is a “boy show” and there’s eye-candy almost every episode. And it’ll make me more forgiving of all your… more creative decisions. Just- think about it, ok?

So what did you think of the episode? Did its cheesiness keep you laughing and eye rolling? Did you also appreciate Stafania’s creepiness? Tell me in the comments!

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