So, in the first two episodes, we established that the Tomorrow People are victims just fighting for survival, and that Ultra is capital E, Evil. And Stephen (Robbie Amell), who just had his “break-out,” is going to have try to survive working for Ultra in order to help the Tomorrow People defeat them. Have you ever noticed that the bad guys always have the best names? I mean, if Ultra and The Tomorrow People were in a naming contest… But I digress.

With all the main exposition out of the way, episode three and four are free to delve into some action and let us explore some back story. Yeah, I’ve already watched next week’s episode. ‘Cause I’m so cool. But so bad at keeping spoilers to myself. Which is why this review is gonna have two levels of spoilerdom. If you need to catch up on the show, you can check out the latest episodes on the CW site, then meet me back here. So if you’re ready, we shall now decend into…

Spoiler Level One

Episode three, “Girl Interrupted,” is all about whether or not The Tomorrow People should interfere with normal humans by saving them. But both Team Good and Team Evil are in agreement that saving people, and thereby exposing The Tomorrow People, is just too dangerous to be worth the risk.

Girl InterruptedThe episode is also about trying to infiltrate Ultra’s computer system, but that’s just the technical, espionagey, life or death part. The thing I most notice about that part of the episode is how Stephen leaves the sensor on after his partner (Meta Golding) was testing him. I mean, he’s about to go off to places he’s not supposed to be, and he’s wearing a sensor. I’m not the only one who was bothered by that right? Anywho, as we already know, Uncle Jedikiah (Mark Pellegrino) is onto Stephen and he has the hall Stephen was in swept, finds the chip, and then proceeds to sabotage Team Good.

They get a hold of Cara (Peyton List) and are going to kill her, but Stephen convinces them to let him shoot her up with the serum that will take her powers. And it’s in this scene that we find out that Stephen can still freeze time.

Girl InterruptedSpeaking of Cara, we found out that she was deaf before she got her powers and that she accidentally killed her would-be rapist. And that her father figured he and her sister would be better off without her. Harsh!

As I’m sure everyone predicted from the first scene, Stephen convinces Team Good to save the day. He mostly does so by being like, “Help me or not, but I’m the chosen one, so I’m going! Just remember I’ll think less of you forever if you don’t come with me.” **extremely paraphrased** So, he’s basically mastered manipulation by making them all feel guilty.

Girl InterruptedThe episode ends with Stephen’s bestie seeing him teleport and her confronting him. He denies everything. Which is pretty stupid. I was practically waiting for him to say, “Who ya gonna believe? Me? Or your lying eyes?” But then she says, “I’m onto you,” which sounds like fightin’ words. Am I wrong? She’s been kinda frienemying it up the whole episode, though. So we’ll see where that goes.

Now if you don’t want to get spoiled for the next episode, meet us where it’s safe near the end. The rest of us shall venture on to episode four. And now we dive even further down into…


Spoiler Level TwoUltra

Kill or Be Killed“Kill or Be Killed” is all about… well, killing or being killed. We get John’s background in this one and learn how he was raised by psychopath Jedikiah. (And can I just say that the kid playing him in the past was extremely well cast. I knew immediately who he was supposed to be.) By the end of the episode we get the big reveal that John (Luke Mitchell) is the only one of the Tomorrow People who is able to kill. Well, he was one of two, but he killed the other one. It was “kill or be killed.” Personally, I suspected this revelation after their meeting in the “noodle shop” when Jedikiah tells him, “If you catch him, you know what to do.”

We find out that, despite being raised to be a killer, John just has too much humanity for that, and now hates Jedikiah for removing his “prime barrier.” And we find out that John is keeping his ability to kill a secret from the others. (When that secret’s revealed, it’s bound to be an interesting episode.)

Kill or Be KilledAs for Stephen’s storyline, he’s forced into having awkward bonding time with Uncle Jed. To be fair, it’s all his mother’s idea and Jed isn’t too keen on the idea either. Speaking of his mother, she was apparently supposed to be perceived as “bad-ass,” but I just really wanted her to stop cutting off people’s sentences.

In the mean time, Jed pretends to be familial to better manipulate both Stephen and John. He uses them both in order to kill Killian McCrane, the rogue homosuperior who is on a terrorism tour. (Did the writers name him “Killian” because he’s the “only” homosuperior who kills?) I’m really looking forward to seeing how long it takes before the Tomorrow People figure out that Jedikiah is playing them.

And, with the last scene, it’s war on. This “shadow war” is no longer going to be one sided. John tells Jedikiah that the Tomorrow People will be fighting back. Which should add even more action to the show. I definitely approve!  

Alright, it’s safe again. So what did you think? Is Astrid going to be Stephen’s undoing? Is super-computer Tim going to be used to kill them all? Tell me in the comments!

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