Bones_S9E6_EmilyDeschanel_DavidBoreanaz2Wow! I’m still weepy from tonight’s episode… it’s a little embarrassing how much I cried. I know everyone is ready to hear about this wedding, but I will do a brief summary of the whole night first of course.

Tonight was different because we start off inside the church that Booth and Brennan will be married in, and of course we have distractions from the get go. Just as they start to rehearse the phone rings, and it’s murder calling, so the two quickly get to work. This murder is 30 years old, and although the rest of the gang promises to handle everything, neither bride nor groom can seem to pull themselves away!

*******Spoilers Below*******

The two of them definitely have cold feet, and an office pool is started to see how long it will take for everything to fall apart. Dr. Edison is brought in to help (with the entire extended team), but Brennan seems to be an emotional wreck, and is working while she should be getting ready for her rehearsal dinner. At the same time, the case gets interesting, and of course Brennan feels she needs to be there. In fact, Angela has to sit her down, and talk some sense into this girl before it’s too late! It was a great moment between the girls, and another chance to see Temperance be human and act like a true girl.

Meanwhile, Booth is first to greet Max, Brennan’s father, and it starts out rocky to say the least. He is worried that Max still isn’t on the straight and narrow, but with everything else going on, does not have the time to dwell too much. I mean, his son is here for starters. He is going to be the best man, so the mix of emotions Booth is dealing with, on top of the case and his questions for Max, are enough to make him visibly nervous. Max and Booth meet up at the church, talk things out, and have a very touching moment themselves… and everything is smooth sailing from here, right?

Bones_S9E6_EmilyDeschanel_DavidBoreanazWell after many twists and turns, the wedding happens. It isn’t cheesy either. Usually these TV weddings are contrived and boring, but I was impressed! Temperance looked amazing. Booth is always handsome, and the space was perfection. It was everything a wedding should be, and the vows they ended up using were truly heartfelt and meaningful. Nobody really cared about the case tonight, because we were all waiting for that moment. It was a beautiful moment.

But for anyone interested in the case, Dr. Edison was a pleasant surprise, as was the rest of the crew joining forces. They made sure that Brennan and Booth could focus on their wedding. The murderer is found, and the mystery solved as always.

Now for the best part of tonight beside the actual wedding… Booth and the candle. Yes,it may have started as a sweet gesture honoring Temperance’s deceased mother, but it ended up being a fire. Booth burned down the church they were to marry in the next day. It was a nice twist, and after that, it seemed there might not be a wedding. However thanks to Angela, the Jeffersonian ended up being their venue. It worked out better than anyone could have expected, and the entire team was eventually invited by Brennan. Cyndi Lauper guest starred as well, and her singing was incredible. It was a refreshing version of “At Last” by the great Etta James. It really was one of my favorite television weddings so far. I can not wait to see what happens next for the happy couple!

Did you love the wedding? Or did you think it was cheesy? Let us know in the comments!

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