As the title would have you assume, this episode centers on a guy that is a hit with the ladies. Double meaning, he may also be killing the ladies. Literally. It also gives them a chance for the great looking women of the show to go undercover to catch him in the act.



The open has Shaw and Reese fighting for alpha male status as they row a boat.  That felt like a bit much even for Shaw.  Reese gets a kick out of teasing Shaw and he appears to be having more fun than usual. On to the major plot of the episode which is the standard “poke into the guy’s life until something shakes out,” but with Shaw now a part of the team a division of labor is possible without Finch having to leave HQ. Reese discovers the POI is hunting women which leads Carter, Zoe, and Shaw dress up to the nines to set up a trap for this guy. So who is packing the best weapon to defend herself? Zoe’s pink taser wins since it is both stylish and not quite lethal. Finch is actually speechless seeing them in evening attire. Plus, making Shaw a yoga instructor on her profile was priceless.


Carter’s the lucky one that scores a date with the bad guy and Shaw covers her through a window with a sniper rifle. Apparently this is a setup so we can have more Reese and Carter tension when Shaw questions how upset he gets watching her on the date. Acknowledging the fans or really setting something up there?

Hold on, someone tries to kill the POI instead of him killing a girl.  Plot twist! Good thing they didn’t just shoot him like Shaw suggested. He is the victim and Team Machine has to switch gears and figure out how to save him.  The show has done this fake out before, but this time they really had convincing evidence showing the POI as manipulative and stalker-like. Not sure it works that he gathered all this informantion on women so he be a better date. That felt a little false.

The most awesome asylum escape award goes to Root. She outlines everything she is going to do ahead of time and then… that happens. Her doctor really is a quack and ends up with egg on his face and a fist in his jugular. Shenanigans called on Finch showing up to the hospital alone and then calling Reese afterwards. Timing wise this was done so Reese could go on his date with Zoe instead of logic. But the best thing to gather from this escape is well, Root is out there and the Machine is literally in her ear. Also of note, instead of a solid yellow box indicating she knows about the machine, Root’s box has yellow corners and black straight lines. What does that mean? Ideas? Thoughts? Tell me in the comments.

Side Note: Did not like Shaw taking Bear as her own. Double boo on that. The dog belongs to Finch and Reese. Step away.

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