Howdy, Bones fans! I’m Missy and I will be your go to girl for everything Bones, and I can not wait to talk about tonight’s episode.

I have to start by saying this season has started out strong, and has not disappointed so far, if I must say so myself. Tonight, the team comes together to carry out a plan to smoke out Pelant, and end all the madness once and for all. However, as usual, Pelant is one step ahead.

There are important events and developments between Booth and Brennan, so watch it before next Monday!



Bones_S9E4_EmilyDeschanelOkay, for all those still reading, how great was tonight’s episode?! So basically, all things went as Pelant planned, and Brennan is lured to his hide out; but thanks to Angela and the gang, Booth gets there in time to save Temperance, and shoot and kill the bad guy. If things couldn’t get any better, Booth is now able to tell Brennan the truth about everything and proposes! (Hopefully the last proposal before an actual wedding.) It feels great to have everything back to normal and see them happy again. I also did not think they could top the gore of the last couple of episodes, but I’m happy to say, I still get a little sick watching them dissect these bodies, and it doesn’t really get old.

The plan devised by the team backfired and we lost Booth’s good friend Hayes Flynn. As that is happening, Pelant has managed to get everyone on edge, and the team becomes divided over what to do next. This just fuels the fire inside Booth to the point of no return to get the psycho. He doesn’t want to hear what Sweets or anyone else has to say, and it is plain to see he will not stop until this game is over for good.

Later, Brennan is confronted by the madman himself, and there is a showdown. Meanwhile, Sweets is back where he belongs, and I feel he is on his game and feeling good about his place on the team once more.

I was definitely ready for the trouble to be over though, because the rift Pelant caused between the two love birds was painful! However, it was pretty awesome to see the amazing kiss they publicly shared at work.

What did you think of this episode? Will the proposal last? Let me know in the comments!

And if you can’t wait to get more of David before next Monday, I know where you can get a little weekend Buffy. Saturday mornings at 8 am, on FX. You’re welcome.

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