shield-season-4bYou don’t care for me
I don’-a care about that
Gotta new fool, ha!
I don’t care about that

I have only one burning desire
Let me stand next to your fire

— Jimi Hendrix


Those words from a Jimi Hendrix song might be Robbie Reyes’ (Gabriel Luna) attitude as he finally has a showdown against SHIELD, but he has to join up because of what happened at Momentum Labs. Also, Gemma’s search for a new apartment leads to a surprising reunion that takes a different turn.

Reyes was planning to talk to his Uncle Eli (Jose Zuniga) in prison but Coulson and Mack beat him to it. They don’t learn much, but it does set up a damn good car chase that ends when Robbie fails to avoid crashing into a Quinjet. Sure, it was invisible, but still….

Reyes tries to put up a tough front against Coulson, but even with the demon inside him, he thinks it would be betterSHIELD Let Me Stand Next D to help SHIELD out. He learns from Eli that some scientists at Momentum were doing some bizarre experiments. They wanted him to build a machine that creates matter from nothing, with the help of the evil book known as the Darkhold. Apparently a lot of bad guys, and even Nick Fury, were looking for it, and Dr. Lucy Bower (Lili Birdsell) had it. There was an accident, but her husband, Joe, wanted to keep going. It led Eli to nearly beat Joe to death.

Meanwhile, Gemma’s search for a new apartment surprisingly reunites her with Daisy, who used a fake ad to get her to help out. Daisy wants to know who’s cracking SHIELD’s security measures to find and kill Inhumans. She’s hoping to use identity theft, but Gemma has a better idea: her new position will get them access. They find out James, aka Hellfire (Axle Whitehead) is also targeted. He’s now working at a fireworks store open all year round. Where this place could exist is hard to say.

Daisy thinks James can be a valuable weapon against the Watchdogs, and it’s OK to fight fire with fire if that’s all they understand. Gemma, though, doesn’t like the new combo of “Quake and the Amazing Bomb Boy.” She’s upset Daisy wants to push SHIELD away unless she needs help or the medication for her bones. She also doesn’t like Daisy’s vigilante attitude. Actually, she’s got a point. If Daisy needs SHIELD, she should need them all the way, and come up with better ways to deal with the Watchdogs. Entertaiment Weekly is speculating she wants to restart the Secret Warriors, but that could be less popular because of her choice of members and the fact that she’s considered a criminal, even by the new boss of SHIELD. Maybe she should atone a lot before getting Yo-Yo to join her group. Besides, there’s other things to worry about.

SHIELD Let Me Stand Next CJames, though, has his own way of fending off the Watchdogs — joining them. Apparently he doesn’t like being an Inhuman, despite wanting terrigenesis last season. So, he’d rather be the Last Inhuman Standing. It’s a pretty dumb reason, because it’s possible the Watchdogs will double-cross him. That’s also true if he’s helping Senator Nadir’s anti-Inhuman efforts.

Just as it looks like James is about to kill with bocce bombs, Robbie — of all people — arrives. Apparently when James’ tracking signal was broken by Daisy, he arrived along with Mack and Coulson. It leads to an explosive end, and they arrest James. Actually, Robbie coming just in time was almost a bit too convenient, but how it happened did make sense.

So what about Robbie’s need for revenge and Daisy’s battle with the Watchdogs? Coulson tells them to put those aside for now. Job one for now is to find the Darkhold before Lucy the Mad Scientist Ghost does. However, she finds her husband, who is still in a coma, and is able to wake him up and ask him about the book.

As for Agent May, she is healing from her “ghost virus” from last week, and isn’t too happy about how Radcliffe and Fitz did it by briefly killing her. They still have to figure out if a cure can be made. He’s also testing out Aida to shield-let-me-stand-next-fsee if she can be the next best thing to human, and May seems to be fooled. Aida wonders why Radcliffe’s lying about who she really is, and he tries to convince her that “white lies” can be helpful.

Thing is, Coulson seems to know who Aida is, and Gemma definitely does. She’s upset Fitz didn’t tell her, and even more so that she has to somehow keep this from Director Mace. Well, as long as he doesn’t ask…

It’s great the agents are finally getting back together, since they have a common problem, namely the Darkhold. It’s a clever way to connect the show to Doctor Strange, which is coming in a few weeks. Let’s hope they stay together once that is resolved. There’s still fear of Inhumans and Life Model Decoys to worry about.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on ABC.




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