Have you ever wondered what it would be like for the coolest geeks in the business – every business – to get together for one fun, fabulous night in Hollywood, CA, where they could shower each other with respect, friendship and actual awards for a job well done in their field of specialty?

Well, Kristen Nedopak must have thought about that long and hard when she set about to create the 1st Annual Geekie Awards, which took place on Sun, Aug 18, at the Avalon Theatre in LA. What she may (or may not!) have expected was a turnout to be mighty proud of, and one that ensures this event truly is annual. We’re just glad she made it all happen.

Jane Espenson and Brad Bell at The Geekie Awards Jane Espenson and Brad Bell at The Geekie Awards

Who, you ask, would show up at an event like this? Well, if you recognize the names of Grant Imahara, Seth Green, Richard Hatch, Bobak Ferdowsi, Jane Espenson, Brad Bell, Marc Evan Jackson, Bonnie Burton, Jenna Busch and Chase Masterson, to name a few of the premium talent attending, then you know who you missed. Oh, did I mention Stan Lee was there to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award? Yeah, that happened, too. When you start with a high grade geek guest list, mix in Host extraordinaire Alison Haislip, add the Enterprise D bridge as your stage backdrop, and toss in a Cubify 3D printer at each table churning out cute little rockets and robots for those lucky enough to nab them, how can you not have a night to remember?

Visit our event gallery for more pics of the red carpet here

We managed to grab a bit of time with just some of the guests, presenters, nominees and friends of the geekerati, and we’re only disappointed that there was too much talent and not enough time to speak to them all! Check out the vids below as we grab a few words with geeks of all kinds and, well, geek out together at the experience that was the 1st Annual Geekie Awards. And mark my words, if this was any indication, next year will be bigger and better!

Stephanie Thorpe, Wendy Pini, Paula Rhodes

Jenna Busch

Chase Masterson

Andrew Bowen

Jason Satterlund, Garrett Caldwell

Aris Jusan

Travis Richey

Mark Christopher Lawrence

Christopher Wolfe

Winner Twins

Richard Hatch, April Eden

Tim Jo

See you next year, Geeks!

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