For the past decade, the California Browncoats have set up shop at San Diego Comic-Con and several other cons in the state. This year at San Diego Comic-Con, they have new products for sale, and are hosting two special panels.

As usual, they’ll be set up at spaces A7 and A8 (far right corner) in the main vendors’ room. If you’re interested, you can help out as a volunteer, they can always use more help. Visit the website for more information.

The CaliforFanboy Comic's Barbra Dillon talks with Shawn Tutt of the California Browncoats at Comikaze Expo 2011.nia Browncoats are sponsoring two panels which should generate a lot of interest. On Thursday they will host the annual showing of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog at Room 6 BCF at 8:30pm. It should be very special since it’ll take place a few days after the musical’s fifth anniversary on the internet. A costume contest will also be held.

On Sunday the 21st, the club will have its annual meet-up in Room 29A at noon. Fans will get updates on Firefly and Serenity, and the group’s upcoming activities. Get there early as it always fills to overflowing.

Their vendor booth will feature lots of items that should please any Browncoat, and they have two new items this year.Mudder's Flask

First is the “Higgins & Son Mudder’s Milk flask”, for those who want to drink their favorite beverage in a fancier way. It was designed by Lorenzo Ciacci.

The otheShot Glassesr item is a special glass set devoted to the Seven Deadly Sins, since Malcolm Reynolds is a fan of all seven (according to his confrontation with the Operative in “Serenity”). It includes seven shot glasses with each sin inscribed in English and Chinese, and a pint glass with Mal’s classic line. The shot glasses are below.

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