It was supposed to be a renewal of their marriage, but it turns out to be the day Brady and Cheeks learn a lot about each other…maybe too much to stay being Husbands. Season three started this week on a new website, The CW Seed, and it’s still a sharp look at same-sex romance.


 NOTE: SPOILERS AHEAD! Turn back and see the first episode first. Otherwise, go ahead.

Husbands Invite

In the two previous seasons, baseball player Brady (Sean Hemeon) and entertainer Cheeks (Brad Bell) have dealt with suddenly being married after a wild night in Las Vegas, and the media backlash a few weeks later. Now, it looks like these crazy kids will make it as they renew their vows and make it official. For some reason, though, they don’t seem to happy about it. Brady is also  looking at a certain woman in the audience, played by Amy Acker. Haley (Alessandra Torresani) is trying to coach the boys, but Cheeks suddenly bolts. The minister (Seth Green) tells Brady that it really looks bad if he doesn’t chase after his groom. As Cheeks puts it, ‘When we got drunk married, I thought I didn’t know you, but now I know I don’t know you.”

Season Three of Husbands Gets Premiere Date, Paley Center Showcase

So, what’s with the cold feet? The episode jumps back nine hours as the two grooms get ready. Brady’s parents (Michael Hogan and Beth Grant) show up. They seem to be stunned over the wedding, and we find out they are Mormons. Cheeks’ mom, played by Deb Theaker, is happy about it, but reveals Brady looks like Cheeks’ dad.

So what about Acker’s character? We find out her name is Claudia, and she almost married Brady while he was in the closet. It’s safe to say she causes just enough trouble to cause what happened early in the premiere. The trailer for this season tells us how much.

Co-Creators and writers Jane Espenson and Brad Bell aren’t making it easy for the two guys to settle down to wedded bliss, but they also point out the couple has only known each other for three months. That would be a problem for any couple headed to the altar. Finding out all these new details does sound like something out of a soap opera wedding, and they are played for laughs. This is just part of the long process for a newly married couple, even a same-sex couple, really getting to know and understand each other, even after the “I Do’s”

You can see the first episode here, with new episodes every week. Husbands is one of several online shows at the CW Seed website.

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