Delayed gratification is all good and fine… if it ends up being gratifying. So many things that could have been right about this episode were muted.

So FINALLY Juliette is remembering Nick. FINALLY she seeks out help from the Hispanic woman (remember the lame La Llorona episode?). FINALLY we get some Deputy Monroe action. And you’d think I’d be so pleased since, if you’ve read any of my other posts, you know that I’ve been begging to see all of these things.

Grimm - Season 2So first let’s talk about Juliette. I’ve been wondering if she was going to get her memory back for so long. And I was wondering when they were going to off her if she didn’t remember anything. And I was wondering if/when she was going to go see the Hispanic woman who said she could help her. Instead of her having a real revelation from her returned memories, she’s still just confused. And I’d understand if Juliette was being torn apart by a surging cacophony of voices, but she’s not. It’s like she’s at a small gathering with about four or five people all chattering at once, which would be annoying, but not debilitating. And instead of having a revelation when the Hispanic woman helps her, all that happens is she’s told she’s stuck between the worlds of darkness and light. I’m not the only one who thinks that’s a load of bullshit right? At this point, it feels like there’s one writer in charge of Juliette’s storyline who only gets the vaguest outline of what’s going on, is being told to stretch each of her scenes to fit an entire episode, and is absolutely restricted from communicating with the other writers of the show. I mean, are we going to introduce timey-wimey elements to the Grimmverse? Is she actually suffering from a time warp where she can only progress in half-steps?

But then, come to think of it, she’s not the only one who’s plot is moving in slow-motion. Everyone knows that there is nothing I have wanted more than the tiniest hint of Nick’s mother. I was so excited when he said he’s just gotten an email! And so disappointed when it didn’t say anything interesting. It was the most underwhelming email ever. She’s finding a hiding place for the coins. She’s sorry she didn’t contact him sooner. We’ve been waiting how long just to have the writers say, “Oh, crap! We made it seem like Nick’s mom was up to something and forgot to follow up on that! *face/palm* Let’s just write an email saying she’s actually just doing what she said she’d do and hope no one notices we’ve dropped the ball.” Seriously, writers? I still have the sick, sad hope that they’re going to make it up to me by having some big reveal about what she’s really been doing later in the season, but it’s a very slight one.

Grimm - Season 2And we finally got to see Monroe acting as Grimm Deputy again- yay!- until he gets a cramp. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? I do nothing but write, read, and watch TV for most the hours of my life and I still could run down the block without getting a cramp! Having to watch him limping around for the remainder of the episode wasn’t comical. It was pathetic. Way to stifle one of your strongest characters.

And now let’s move on to things in this episode that just irked me. Like why does Rosalee always only make one dose? You’d think by now she’d prepare a little extra. And we aren’t morons. Monroe, with his one dose of potion, really didn’t need to point out to us that he only had one dose and two frogs. Writers, you’re either underestimating your audience or overestimating your cleverness. Either way, you’re misevaluating the amount of explanation necessary. And maybe this one’s just me being nit-picky, but does anyone believe in removing their shoes before laying in bed? I mean, you walked around all day accumulating lord knows what on the bottoms of your shoes, and then you lay down with said shoes in your bed. Gross.

*Sigh* Oh, Grimm. You have so much potential. It’s like you have what it takes to be the most awesome rock band on Earth, but you keep adding kazoo solos and turning down the volume. Grimm - Season 2

What have we learned? Zeigevolks don’t limit using their talents only for lechery. Prince Renard’s brother, Eric, is coming to Portland. Sgt. Wu is first on the scene of every crime, just as Nick and Hank are the only homicide detectives.

What will happen next? I’m finding it hard to care what happens next at this point. I mean, I got all the things I’ve been asking for and was disappointed by all of it. I need more… everything! If you don’t see a review next week, assume that I’m too disgusted to find the will to write.

Were you as disappointed by this episode as I was? Do you wish Juliette would get it together (or die)? Are you also irked by shoes on the bed? Let me know in the comments!

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