Robin Sachs

While the exact details are still coming out, Robin Sachs (Ethan Rayne on BtVS) passed away a few days ago from heart failure and only now is the news coming out.

In addition to playing Ethan, Robin was the voice of Zaeed Massani, Admiral Saul Karath, and dozens of other voices in various Bioware games.  He was in Galaxy Quest, Torchwood and many more movies and television series.  Check out his IMDB page.  He was the son of Dr Who guest actor Leonard Sachs

I met him years ago and he was a very sweet guy. Our thoughts and prayers go with him.

” I really got to learn to just do the damage and get out of town. It’s the ‘stay and gloat’ that gets me every time.”

Wish you could have stayed, Robin

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