Life in a cruel future is taking a toll on SHIELD. Daisy is starting to believe she’s a destroyer of worlds since she’s become valuable, but she meets a fellow Inhuman with an interesting skill. Mac is told by Grill to do an unpleasant task. Coulson discovers what the Kree are also doing with the remaining humans.

Then there’s the last 30 seconds, where someone who shouldn’t be there….


With no apparent way out, the agents are still trying to figure out how to fight the Kree then get back to 2017.

Daisy’s being shown off by Kasius (Dominic Rains) like a prize horse who can destroy worlds. He intends to sell her off as the ultimate weapon for someone.

Daisy meets a guy named Ben (Myko Olivier) who is very good at fighting. That’s because he can read minds thanks to terregenesis. He tells Daisy they’re part of a fight club where Kasius sells the best for profit. He says he has to do this so that he and his family survive. That is the main belief for everyone who lives in the Lighthouse.

It’s not too hard to suspect Kasius may have been once human but has now embraced the Kree way. The same would go for Sinara (Florence Faivre), only she enjoys the change even more, especially when she torments Simmons and her perfect skin. Kasius sees himself as the savior of humanity. As we get deeper, we find there’s more inside this despot.

Kasius wants to know if some silly prophecy about SHIELD agents coming from the past to save the Lighthouse is really true. Maybe he shouldn’t have killed the Elders who knew about this, so Gemma and Daisy will have to tell him…or else

Meanwhile, Grill instructs Mac to tell a guy named Gunner (James Harvey Ward) to pay what he owes, or else. Mac was chosen because he’s big and bad. Mac doesn’t want to to this, but Elena tells him just to scare Gunner into settling his debt. She warns him not to lose his soul, but it’ll be tough for him.

When they do meet Gunner, he insists he will pay his debt to Grill, but first he’s expecting a package.

Coulson and May, meanwhile, grab Deke (Jeff Ward) and tell him to get them to Level 35, where Kree technology may be. Deke gives some story about why Daisy’s not with them, but he gets them there. They don’t find tech, but they find something else….a baby. It also happens to be the “package” Gunner was expecting.

Suddenly two Kree show up, followed by Sinara and her flying balls. She and May have an intense fight, and Sinara wins out because May is still suffering from an injured leg. It’s not shown what Sinara does to May, but the Kree hasn’t converted any of the agents into one of them yet. It might be May just because she held her own.

It’s then revealed the Kree are controlling reproduction to make babies that are more susceptible to terrigenesis and to make more Inhumans to sell. Not only that, they hope to make more Inhumans like Daisy thanks to the blood she was forced to donate.  T.A.H.I.T.I. anyone?

This fact causes two different responses. For Gunner, he says how upset he is about how reproduction is limited, and says Mac would make a terrible father. This makes Mac angry, and clobbers Gunner. He later tells Elena he was upset when he lost his daughter Hope, but losing Hope in the Framework caused even more pain. She assures him he can still be a great dad, if they even get back to the past. Later, Grill is happy to tell him Gunner has paid off his debt. Mac is not happy about how he did his job.

The other response is Deke saying again he has to do anything to survive (just like Ben and the other Inhumans). Deke says his mom was taken away and his dad died resisting. Coulson, though, still has that recording from someone from the ruins of Earth. Deke says that’s his dad, but he wonders how that happened. He also lets slip he did sell Daisy out to Kasius, so he’s sent to a room, which then is sealed off. His attitude is not acceptable to Coulson.

As for Daisy, she’s asked by Kasius how she and Gemma came from the past, and if there are any others. To make sure she isn’t lying, Ben is there as a “lie detector”. Daisy “explains” how it happened and it’s only her and Gemma, with Kasius standing in front of her so Gemma doesn’t hear Daisy. When it’s Gemma’s turn, she gives the same story. That’s because Ben used telepathy to let her know what Daisy said. Kasius is satisfied for now, hinting he has help in looking for any other SHIELD agents out there.

Ben then tells Daisy he’s read Kasius’ mind, and it seems Kasius doesn’t like his life, or maybe himself. He’s apparently planning to blow up the Lighthouse and start a new life while killing hundreds of others. That means the agents must find a way out fast. A very old postcard from Fitz saying he’s “working on it” is not enough anymore.

So, Daisy is on the auction block, and gets interest from a lot of aliens about her world-shattering powers. One person in a mask, though, wants something different. He wants her to fight to the death.

Who does he think he is?

Yeah, Fitz made it after all, and it’s possible he has something else in mind
But how did he figure out time travel, and did it involving meeting that weird bald guy with fake skin?

Maybe, but it does involve another guy fans haven’t seen lately. That comes next week.

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