Buffy fanatics Bryant Dillon and Barbra Dillon (the Scoobies) introduce Buffy-virgin Sam Rhodes (the Newbie) to Joss Whedon’s tale of vampire-slaying, demons, magic, and a universe composed entirely of shrimp.

College, The Intiative, and the addition of everybody’s favorite bleach blonde vampire as a series regular . . . the Scoobies tackle Season 4 of Buffy with newbie Sam.

Cast members: Bryant Dillon, Barbra Dillon, Sam Rhodes, and special guests Robert J. Peterson (author of The Odds, CC2K co-founder) and Lauren Rock (Store Coordinator at The Echo Park Time Travel Mart)

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Featuring the song “Slayer Hater”
Written and performed by Karuna Tanahashi
Produced & Recorded by Tyler Davis

Find more about Karuna and her awesome Buffy-themed songs at the following links:

Website: karunatanahashi.com/
YouTube Channel: JossJunkie
Twitter ID: karunatanahashi
Blog: karunatanahashi.blogspot.com

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