Now this is usually about the time we would review season one and make our predictions for season two, but that cliff hanger was too much for me, so let’s jump right in to Bad Teeth.

So we finally learned the history. And we’ve learned a bit more about Captain Renard’s intentions.

So both Captain Renard and Nick want Juliette healed. But Captain Renard wants her healed to make sure Nick has a reason to stay in Portland so that he can gain control of him. Or possibly steal the key from him. I don’t really understand the Captain’s methods. He could probably get things done a lot faster by just following Nick to the trailer and killing him. But then I suppose we wouldn’t have a show.

So, in a lesson from good ‘ol mom, we learn that some of the Grimms (but not all of them) work for the 7 royal families as Wesen wranglers. And we learn that there’s a key to go with each family, collect all 7! And it is reiterated that there are people coming to kill Nick for his key. Oh, and by the way, once the families do collect all 7 keys, they’ll have some mysterious ultra-powerful weapon that can destroy the world. No big deal.

And Nick’s mom figures out that someone else in Portland must know that he has the key, hence why he’s got Reapers and Mauvais Dentes coming after him. So now Nick will get to play the process of elimination game!

Or, at least he’ll do so when he has the time. First he has to kill the Mauvais Dentes and kiss Juliette to wake her up (Speculation. But hey, it is sleeping beauty.) in the next 45 minutes. Yep. That’s right. He’s got a time limit on top of everything else. (Stupid time-volatile healing potions.)

What have we learned?: The Grimm history (finally *gratified sigh*) in a nutshell, that Captain Renard wants to use Nick, and all the worst foes are French.

What’s going to happen?: Well, he’s gonna kill the Mauvais Dentes and revive Juliette. The question is how much damage is gonna be done in the process. I wonder if his mom’s gonna die in the fight. That would be quite devastating. (What? I like tragedy.)

Do you think Captain Renard just wants Nick for the key, or does he have other uses for him as well? Do you think we’ll be getting to see more Grimms this season? And is Juliette gonna remember Nick when she comes out of her coma? Let’s talk in the comments!

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