ABC News van was outside the AMC Burbank 16 while attendees were waiting in line since 7pm, keeping themselves entertained showing off costumes and talking about how this was going to be the movie of the year and maybe Joss will now have the power to do whatever project he wants to next.  Doors opened starting at 10:30pm so people could grab seats, show off costumes and in our theater, play beach ball (Hulk smash ball!).  Check out the vid below, which includes interviews with some of the attendees from our auditorium.

Just as the lights lowered all these super heroes and more stood up from their seats to shout "Avengers Assemble!" And then the fun began.

"According to a Fandango survey, 66 percent of the movie goers said that they were going to be coming back to the theater over the weekend, so we are going to see a lot of repeat viewing," said Melinda Petrow with Fandango.  Based on overheard conversations as each theater was let out (screening start times were stagered), we won’t be surprised.  Especially as some of us who attended this screening have already bought tickets for another weekend screening.

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