She is part of the Crown City Theater’s well-received production of Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, a small drama about two lonely people who have been hurt by love and other circumstances, and somehow help heal each other. Juliet plays Roberta, a 31 year old divorced mom who spends her time at a dingy bar. Matthew J. Williamson plays Danny, a hot-headed guy who is worried a man he clobbered may be dead. We don’t know for sure, but Danny looks like he’s been in a fight, mainly with the world.
How they get together may be unusual for some, especially those who have been used to rom-coms, but you are touched with how they take a chance despite their fears about themselves and whether they have a future. 
What’s also interesting about this is that the play was written by John Patrick Shanley, a few years before he won an Oscar for writing Moonstruck, The director is John McNaughton, who produced Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and directed Mad Dog and Glory with Robert DeNiro and Bill Murray. With that kind of background it’s bound to be a good production, and it is.
The play’s been running since October, so Juliet and Matthew have their performances down to a science. The way Roberta bugs Danny with her chewing of a hard pretzel is almost a new way of saying hello. How both people carefully approach each other through the sharing of beer, and later when they spend the night in her room, is also very interesting. They share secrets and dreams and even plan a future, and it’s Danny who has the hope that he and Robert can work it out… because she took the chance first.
I saw the performance on January 14th, then sent an e-mail to Juliet saying how wonderful the play was. She sent me back an e-mail… asking why I didn’t stick around to say hello to her.I was surprised. The last time I saw a play with one of the Whedon alumni was Nicholas Brendon in the Santaland Diaries, and I didn’t think of staying to say how good he was in the play, and it’s a tough one since it’s one long monologue.

So, the next night, I dropped by after the show.  She was very gracious with the fans who did stay. I also talked to Matthew briefly about how he did. It was a great time, and even better than trying to see a glimpse of Brad Pitt from 200 feet away.
Danny and the Deep Blue Sea runs until January 29th at the Crown City Theater, located at St. Matthew’s Church 11031 Camarillo St. just west of Lankershim Blvd. (look for the Blockbuster Video, it’s close to that spot). has the details. 

NEWS: DANNY has been extended for the 3rd time, playing Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 7pm through Feb 26th. (No show Feb 5)

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