This year, fans packed the theatre at the Regency Valley Plaza 6 in North Hollywood, CA, dressed to the nines in their costumes, all to have a blast and to benefit the Kids Need to Read organization.  A white-coat Dr. Horrible side-by-side with a red-coat version picked up their programs at the door, as a strikingly accurate Commander Riker from Star Trek: TNG explored her (that’s right, I said HER) goody bag.  Before the show began, there were plenty of treats.  Golden Apple Comics was there selling Buffy comics and other Whedon-related items.  The friendly folk of had a full setup of fun T-shirts for all ages and sizes, and the famous Button Lady had an array of fandom-related buttons for sale to adorn those shirts.  Gorgeous tasty Firefly-themed cupcakes were available at another table, and special guest Alan Tudyk practically inhaled the one named for his character, Wash.

Other special guests included Nathan Fillion, Whedonverse costume designer Shawna Trpcic, author of the Softwire Series PJ Haarsma, and geek-girl celeb Kristen Nedopak.  Along with Master of Ceremonies and audiovisual guru Josh Rubinstein, they helped to kick off the first public screening of The Guild Season 4 in its entirety. 

Remember that goody bag mentioned earlier?  Those are important because if you’ve just been watching the show by yourself at home, you’re missing out on this crowd-pleasing enhancer.  With Whedonopolis, not only is Dr. Horrible a sing-along, it’s also interactive!  Nowhere else will you have your very own “lacy, gently wafting curtains” to wave around, or shrubbery to hide behind during key scenes.

Every year is a little different, and every year there are surprises.  This year Shawna Trpcic teased the audience by announcing she was going to Tweet about Joss’s new project… which turns out to be an adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing!  And in the charity raffle, one lucky fan won an extremely rare prototype Captain Hammer laser etching.

You never know who could make an appearance or what could happen at this awesome screening, so for the love of Whedon and children’s literacy, make sure to add Dr. Horrible and The Guild to your future Halloween plans!

More Photos of the Event Here

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