Up to this point, Bridget has tried very hard pretending to be Siobhan. She has to convince Siobhan’s husband, Andrew, her lover Henry and his wife/her best friend, Gemma. Not only that, she’s had to deal with the gangster who’s trying to kill her, and the hit men who apparently want to kill Siobhan. She is also supposed to be pregnant.

We now know that Siobhan faked her death, hoping that Bridget will take it over, in an effort to kill her, maybe because of some horrible incident (something to do with a little boy, Sean) that has split the sisters apart. Add an FBI agent who is looking for Bridget, but has no idea the sister he thinks he is investigating, Siobhan, is actually Bridget.

Bridget has been in the most peril so far. She’s had to hide the body of the guy who tried to kill her, but then the body disappears. At one point she suspects Andrew may be up to something with his business partner, Olivia. Siobhan has basically been living without a care in Paris, except for her plan to eliminate Bridget. She’s been flirting with a guy named Tyler, calling herself Cora Farrell. The only roadblock she’s had is that she discovers she’s pregnant, likely with Henry’s child. It’s a lot for the average viewer to remember.

In the latest episode, “It’s Gonna Kill Me, But I’ll Do It”, we see Andrew confronting Bridget, saying he knows she’s not Siobhan…because she’s now a zombie. It’s a dream sequence, of course, and Bridget wakes up, and Andrew reminds her it’s her birthday. They decide they’ll celebrate it in the Hamptons with Henry and Gemma.

It turns out to be the kind of birthday that Buffy used to have, stressful and a bit catastrophic. Henry tries to convince Siobhan/Bridget that they have something special, and that it makes no sense her going back to Andrew. Not only that, Gemma sees this. In Paris, the real Siobhan is close to running out of cash before Tyler arranges her hotel bill to be covered by his company which is connected to Andrew. As for her being pregnant, that’s not mentioned. As for FBI Agent Machado, we learn that he knows a lot about her, including the fact she’s cheating on Andrew with Henry. Yet he couldn’t find Bridget even if she was, and is, right in front of him. He does tell Gemma Siobhan has a twin, but not Andrew or Henry. This only serves to set up the ending, where Gemma tells "Siobhan" she knows about Henry, and Bridget finally confesses to someone who she really is. Wouldn’t it have made more sense for Machado to tell Andrew? Sure it would. 

Gellar has done a great job with the dual roles. She shows Bridget as a scared girl, but someone who is able to think fast to keep the threats away. As for Siobhan, Gellar shows a much sexier side of herself, especially in the scene she has with Henry. Flirting with Tyler to keep her hotel bill paid also helps.

So what now? Will Gemma believe this Parent Trap moment? If she doesn’t, Bridget is truly alone, especially with several people gunning for her. If that doesn’t worry her, the ratings should. The latest episode dipped sharply to a 0.6, or about one and a half million viewers, compared to two million the week before. It’s still battling Dancing With The Stars and The New Girl. Maybe Bridget’s confession will get people to stick with the show. It might be tough, since it will now have to battle the baseball playoffs, too.

Someone asked me to compare Ringer with the first half of Dollhouse’s first season. Dollhouse was less complicated: the show was just worried about where Alpha was, and whether Echo was becoming a real girl again. Right now, Ringer has too many plot lines at going on at once. Let’s hope some of them pay off as sweeps get closer.

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