The cover on the left is the same one as the mini-comic, designed by Steve Morris. The alternate is designed by Phil Noto. The story is written by Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen, who wrote the teleplay for “Epitaph One” (Joss wrote the story).

The first few pages are the same as the mini-comic. We see life going on. A woman finds out she’s pregnant. A business deal is being discussed. A girl named Maggie is having lunch with her friends.

Then phones ring, and people answer them…and go insane.

Remember when Echo had her mind wiped through a phone call from Alpha in season one? This time, the phone calls drive people insane. The final scene shows a man named Wendell talking to his nephew telling him that he can get ahead in the world because he’s good at computers. “You gotta embrace the new or by erased by the new,” he says.

He answers the phone, and gets erased by the new. However, his mind is replaced by Ivy, Topher’s old assistant, and he says “something terrible has happened”.

The rest of the comic covers what happens two weeks later. We see Maggie, now Mag, with Griff (Todd Griffin), trying to hide out from the chaos. They are joined by a man named Jacobson. As they try to make their way through, they meet a man named Zone. He thinks what happened is that the government used some sort of technology that can instantly train people into soldiers. It’s apparent that this is how the group we met in “Epitaph One” got together. Soon they run into Wendell/Ivy and his nephew Trevor, and that meeting ends tragically.

The last scene is set in a baseball park where someone meets a familiar face…who is wearing a Browncoat.

What’s next? Fans will have to wait until July to find out. Judging from the story, it may go in two tracks: Mag, Zone and Griff trying to survive while another character meets what is left of the LA Dollhouse, including Echo, DeWitt, Topher, Sierra, Victor and the other Actives. It’s unlikely the two tracks will unite because Mag’s group doesn’t meet Echo’s group until Epitaph Two. This series may fill in the gaps between the two season finales of the show. It looks like Dollhouse will get a good closing series, thanks to Dark Horse.

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