He said that the role of Lee, the man who raped Charlotte on Private Practice was very physical, as it took a long time to film that scene. He also talked about his recurring role of Kevin Lynch on Criminal Minds. He says Kevin is more similar to him than Xander. He also said he really liked being Xander in the first three seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. back then, he said it was like experiencing everything for the first time. He admits he would have played Xander forever, and hopes that somehow a Buffy movie would happen, if the stars aligned.

A fan even asked if he was really himself, and not his twin broher Kelly. He says he has different tattoos than his brother, including a tattoo of the USA on an interesting place.

He also talked about many of his favorite episodes from “Once More With Feeling” to “The Zeppo” and even “Restless,” which he said was a trippy episode. He was also asked if he was really singing in “OMWF”. He responded with a quick version of “I’m All Out of Love.”

He wrapped up the session with the Snoopy Dance, which launched a hundred cameras held by fans who hoped to catch the image.

Brendon also said he would be back at the Blank Theater Company to perform The Santaland Diaries starting November 19th. He performed the one-man play to rave reviews last year.

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