First off, we’ll know why Anna, the leader of the Visitors, turned the sky red at the end of season one. Also, expect Anna to have some major conflict with her daughter, Lisa (Laura Vandervoort), and even more conflict with her mother…who’s none other than Jane Badler, who played Diana in the original V mini-series in the 1980s.

Baccarin said she had a great time working with Badler and Vandervoort, as well as Scott Wolf and Elizabeth Mitchell. She also admitted that it is sometimes tough for her to do emotional scenes. However, in the scene from the first season finale, where Anna finally yells out in pain over losing so many soliders that had she created, she said it was liberating to let that emotion out after being so stoic for the entire season. She was also asked what would happen if Inara, Anna and Adria from Stargate SG-1 got together, She admitted Inara would try to find the good points of the other two women…then poison them. That brought a big laugh from the crowd. She was also asked if Alan Tudyk, who appeared as a Visitor in season one, may be back. She didn’t know, but said we’d see more of the hybrid baby that was born at the end of season one, and a lot of other surprises…like, according to her, maybe Anna’s tail.

Baccarin also talked about her time on Firefly and Serenity, and what her first impressions were of the cast when she met them just before filming of the show started. She even had her ideas on what would have happened to the crew if the show continued. She thinks Mal and Inara would have some sort of relationship.

The new season of V will return on ABC in January.

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