The trip through the past makes the episode accessible even to people who are not currently up on the series. Nostalgic, funny and romantic at times, the true joy of the episode is seeing how securely Tom Welling and Erica Durance have grown into the roles of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. It’s a shame, and a mistake on their part, that the powers that be at Warners are not considering them for the upcoming feature. Without giving away any spoilers, this episode resolves a key point in the current Smallville mythology and firmly sets Clark Kent on his path to become Superman.
Despite solid ratings, there is no talk about extending the show for an 11th season. Writers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders said that although they loved working with this cast and crew that the time felt right to end the series. The remaining episodes have all been mapped out and you should expect some surprises along the way along with the introduction of other DC characters but definitely no one from Gotham City.
If you’ve previously watched the series or are just a fan of the Superman character now is the time to hop on board the red and blue express as the series heads towards it’s conclusion. It promises to be quite a ride.
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