Browncoats: Redemption is set three months after the Serenity crew revealed what happened there, and the Alliance is trying to prevent it from becoming a rallying cry for Browncoats to achieve independence.

Meanwhile, the crew of the Redemption is looking for its next transport job. The ship is led by Captain Laura Matthews, and the crew is different from Mal’s crew: it has someone who recruits customers, an ex-boxer, a whiz-kid engineer, and a medic who is also a psychiatrist. Like Mal, Laura has been affected by the Unification war, but in a much different way. She takes a job from a guy named Fletcher, but has to take on a pilot named Pete….who’s a girl.

As for the Alliance, MP Darius Turner wants the Alliance to enforce its dominance before more Independents start rebelling. He recruits Thadeus Stevens, an ambitious Army officer. He soon sets his sights on the Redemption.

Laura has a tough time dealing with Pete, but also with some Browncoats who hope her support will give them a boost. They want to meet with her at the planet Ezra, and she reluctantly agrees. However, she has a secret that may threaten the crew.

The story is a bit slow in some spots, but it gives an interesting look of how the crew interact with each other, how they deal with a new member, and what happens when Laura’s secret is revealed. We also see the machinations of the Alliance as it tries to keep its power, symbolized by Turner.

Serenity fans will also be pleased by the small details that recall the movie and Firefly, especially when Turner discusses a certain pair of siblings and a guy named Early. There are also some cameos that will please the fans.

DVD extras include behind the scenes footage, and some celebrity interviews including Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk, Tim Minear and Felicia Day.

The DVD is available on the movie’s web site, along with pictures of the cast. Proceeds will go to a group of charities including Equality Now, Kids Need to Read, The Dyslexia Foundation, the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation, and the Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center. 

The movie will also be shown November 6th as part of the Creation Entertainment Convention in Los Angeles featuring Whedonverse actors including Sean Maher, Morena Baccarin, Nicholas Brendon and Eliza Dushku.

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