Day gave some interesting insight about how women are being judges in acting and writing. “There’s kind of a black and white attitude in women in Hollywood,” she says. “You’re either a sex object or you’re really downtrodden. You have to dress down to be able to get respect. I know that whenever I go into a meeting into the stage, if I really glam it up, I’ll get like questions like “did you really write the Guild’? And then when I put my glasses on,and don’ comb my hair, of course there’s no question at all.”

As an actress, she says she was often pushed into quirkier roles, and that’s why she decided to go into writing instead, and created The Guild.

Buffy fans know Noxon as the executive producer during seasons six and seven, but she’s also been involved in other shows including Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy and Mad Men. Most recently, she wrote the script for the remake of the ’80s horror movie, Fright Night. When she visited the set recently, she said she met the costume designer. When she told her she was the writer, the designer was very surprised,and so were a few other crew members. She also talked about working for Joss, and how they were almost like girlfriends.

The panel also included Melissa Rosenberg, who was with Dexter and The Twilight Saga, Gail Simone, who wrote for Wonder Woman and Birds of Prey, and Laeta Kalogridis, who wrote and produced Shutter Island. They even discussed why it’s been so difficult to produce a successful movie starring a female super-hero, such as Wonder Woman. Day thinks it’s really because of who is running the studios these days. “I don’t know who’s making movies nowadays,” she says, “because a lot of them are things that people don’t want to see. They’re so formulaic because they’re so afraid to take risks” The panel is hopeful this will change.

The panel also mentioned their future projects, including Day’s upcoming movie for Syfy called Red, while Noxon says she’s also writing the script for I Am Number Four based on the teen sci-fi book.

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