To all my friends and past Vulkon Fans,

I have been receiving several emails every week concerning an email that was sent out saying that I was involved with the new company call Vulcan Events, this is incorrect.

I was approached by my former partner Fernando Martinez to be involved with this show but not in a financial way, just to be in charge of the dealer’s room and other smaller tasks, which was a way to use my name in promotion of this show.

Although the new convention, Vulcan, is similar in name to Vulkon, which was my company for 20+ years, Vulkon is not.

I thank you all for your support through all those years, but I have no desire to return to doing conventions unless I have control in running each convention. But, I would like to let you know that I have just signed a contract for a new cruise out of Florida June 11, 2011 with my new partner, one that most of you will know in show business, Clare Kramer. A seperate email will be going out in the next few days with details and our new website. Stay Tune!

Joe Motes

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