The first is a reappearance of the much-mourned Serenity pilot “Wash” in Serenity: Float Out written by comedian/actor Patton Oswalt and with interior art by Patric Reynolds. Apparently, the new story that takes place post-Serenity will deal with a number of “Wash’s” old friends coming together to remember their deceased buddy and christen a new ship. Most of the characters will be new to fans, but there’s no word on whether we’ll see any familiar faces.
Serenity: Float Out will be available June 2nd from Dark Horse Comics. It will feature cover art by Jo Chen, who currently does the covers for Buffy: Season 8.
Just as exciting is the announcement of the long awaited The Shepherd’s Tale. Both Joss Whedon and Ron Glass have promised answers regarding the mysterious “Shepherd Book” for some time, and it looks like they’re finally ready to deliver! Joss will be sharing writing credits with his brother, Zack Whedon, and Chris Samnee is the project’s artist. Thus far, Whedon has released these hints to “Shepherd Book’s” past: he killed a man and assumed his name, he is best known for his biggest failure, part of him is artificial, and he found God in a bowl of soup! We’re in for a good ride here!
The Shepherd’s Tale will be released in November of 2010 as a hard cover graphic novel from Dark Horse Comics.
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