A fan asks questions about the series “Firefly” concerning her favorite costumes and cast shenanigans. Her favorite costumes are the Kimono looking gowns and the one she wore in the episode “Shindig” at the ball. As for shenanigans, she repeated the one about the potato in the exhaust pipe of Nathan’s new truck, letting it slip that it was Adam who had put it there. Then she repeated the usual stories, such as, Vaseline on doorknobs and the frequent use of Jewel’s middle finger. The next fan wanted to know what Morena thought Inara was looking for in her life. Morena said that Inara was looking for a family of some kind but didn’t feel she could do that because of her secret reason for fleeing. She was developing a family that she wanted but knew she had to avoid it and it left her heartbroken.

Morena is asked if there are any questions she has always wanted to be asked, she answered that she liked to be asked about “V” a bit more. She is asked about Anna’s blink (V) and if there is a reason for it. Morena says she was reminded by “V” director that she was a lizard alien and to be conscious of alien style movements. She was asked how it feels to be the lead in a show, she says it is exciting and is proud of the show. The next question was about the fact that she has mostly done sci-fi and if she is particularly drawn to it and why. Morena says she does not seek out sci-fi but looks for great material and sci-fi tends to be the best. She is asked if she has done any roles were she was not attractive and Morena replied that she had done some plays but nothing that anyone would know.

A question is asked about her experience on “The View”, which Morena said she had a great time, very comfortable even though she was intimidated that it was live. She said the women were all very nice. Back to talking about “V” and sci-fi as a question is asked about the strong roles for women, Morena adds that it is great that “V” has two great, strong leading women. That it is a great sign of modern times.  A young man asked Morena if she would have liked to have had the role of “Wonder Woman” if Joss Whedon had done the movie. She said of course she would have loved it and knew about the chatter on the internet. Morena was asked about her friendship with Jewel and added that Jewel was coming over the following Tuesday to watch “V”. She then talked some more about “V” after a question asking if she was going to have to stretch her jaw and eat a rat. She says the directors had asked her if she was squeamish about rodents and to be prepared. Morena is happy that “V” is an overnight success.

Again Morena is asked if she took any souvenirs from the set of “Firefly”; she replied that she took the birthing bowl from the episode “Heart of Gold” and a few tea sets. She admits she uses the bowl for trick-or-treaters. She is then asked if she keeps in touch with any of the “Firefly” cast, answering that they do get together for BBQ’s at Nathan’s house. Morena is asked if she would have wanted to play one of the other roles. She thought the role of “Kaylee” would have been fun because she could be down and dirty and wear jump suits instead of heals all day.

Morena comments on working mostly with green screen on the set of “V”, how she has to pretend she is walking down a hall then turn and act it out but not knowing what it really will look like. Also, says she is not crazy about how Hi-def makes everything too real and misses the days when actors were filmed a bit fuzzy in black and white. Again in discussing “V” she talked about how the character Anna has so much knowledge about humans. The V have been watching humans for a long time and studying them and it will show more with each episode. Morena was asked if she watches Nathan’s show “Castle” and she says she has and that Nathan has watched a few episodes of “V”. Another fan wants to know if Anna’s character will ever be seen as a lizard, Morena said it will not be too soon but watch for weird things. It was then asked if there will be any “Firefly” references in “V” as was in “Castle”, the answer was not so far but she might try.

It was time for Morena’s Q&A to end and the photo ops and autograph’s to begin. Morena thanked everyone and she left the stage to applause.

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