Adam then asked for questions, the first fan asked if he had to bulk up for the role of Jayne. He stated it depended on how he felt from week to week but did try to be in shape for the big screen in “Serenity”. The next question asked was one asked last year as to who would win in a fight, Casey or Jayne. Adam replied that it would be Jayne, probably because of the lasers and Casey was only from the 21st century.

A question was then asked about whose idea it was for Jayne’s “cunning hat”, Adam replied that it would have been the writer. He stated that the writers for the episode “The Message” were Joss Whedon and Tim Minear, so it was their idea.

A young woman now asked about his roles, if he purposely chooses characters who use guns. He joked that they like to call them “weapons” and that if you saw Full Metal Jacket you would understand why. Adam really didn’t have an answer accept that he just fit the big thuggish roles. He was asked if he enjoyed doing voice for “Halo 3” and he said it was fun and easy to do and pays well.

Adam is now asked which of his roles he is most like, he said that he is really boring in real life so none of them really. He was then asked what was his inspiration for his character Jayne, stating that his dad used to take him to “shoot’em up” movies and he copied those characters.

Some “Chuck” questions were now asked, concerning Casey’s grunt and any love interests in the new season. Adam said he did the grunt in the pilot and they liked it and kept writing it in. As far as a love interest, he didn’t rule it out but didn’t confirm it. He was asked about Chuck’s new skills and what would happen if Casey went up against him. Adam explained that Chuck’s skills degrade over time and he has to keep flashing but Chuck could beat Casey at those moments.

Adam is then asked about a bike ride he was on to raise money for the “Wounded Warriors”. He explained the project “Ride To Recovery” and how he rode for a week from San Antonio to Arlington, Texas with veterans, some of whom had missing limbs. He said it was really hard work but very inspiring.

The next fan asked Adam, how much of the “Firefly” universe did he know at the start of the series or did he learn about it with each episode. Joss told them to get familiar with the set because they would be there for the next 5 to 6 years. They learned the story itself as it went along and that they got to know their characters in the pilot. Adam says he learned more about it since it ended through the fans.

Adam is now asked to compare Joss Whedon and Stanley Kubrich, he replies that in his opinion they would have been great friends. He thinks that their intellects were superior to his own and awe inspiring. Joss is more like “try it; go ahead” and Stanley is more like “you gonna do it that way?” but would give him more time to develop his character but that they were both great.

A fan now asks if Adam likes doing stunts and if he has been hurt at it. He replies that the only time you really get hurt is when you do a fall. Adam admits to stunts when he was younger but as he gets older it hurts more, so not so much now.

The final questioning is about “Jayne” and the quirky traits that Adam added to the character. Adam stated that “Jayne” didn’t have much dialogue but he liked to keep his hands busy so asked for plenty of props. He also added the back story about Jayne having a thing for Inara. It is then asked as to who is smarter, Jayne or Casey, Adam states that Casey is smarter but Jayne has basic common sense.

Finally time is up and Adam has to say “good bye” for now but has a whole afternoon of events ahead to share with his fans.



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