Friends in Space

Morena Baccarin & Rudy

One of the things she addressed was the rumor of a Serenity 2, spread almost solely by Alan Tudyk on the internet. When Alan took the stage, he was quick to address that, saying that this happened whilst visiting with Nathan Fillion, and this was entirely Nathan’s doing.


Alan Tudyk

He did not get much further along this train of thought when his cell phone rang. It was Nathan Fillion. Alan made some attempt to put microphone to speaker, but Nathan was a bit hard to hear.

Nathan (on the phone): “Maybe because you were in Australia you didn’t think I would find out about it.”

Alan: “You did tell me something about a second movie.”



Whereupon, he walked out on stage, still on the phone. Once the pandemonium died down, and proper seating was procured for Captain Tightpants, much in-depth discussion was dug up regarding who said what in who’s living room about a movie sequel. Nathan wrapped it up by saying: “If you want to know the real deal about Alan Tudyk, there’s only one person to ask and that’s me.” After that, every question that was asked, Alan handed over to Nathan to answer for him.

Both, along with Adam Baldwin, had done voice work for Halo 3, and Alan pointed out that while Nathan had all the heroic dialogue, his lines were more along the lines of “Oh, no, Let’s get outta here!”

Nathan asked the questioner his name, who said, “You do an excellent Christopher Walken.” Whereupon, he and Alan departed on a Christopher Walken riff, analyzing his speech patterns and both doing quite spot-on imitations. This seems to be a common practice amongst males in genre fandom, as we know a few who Walkenfest at will, as well.



The discussion moved to Yuma (3:10 to Yuma), filming in bad weather and snow, and yet another death for his character, having seemingly made a career of “Dying with a catchphrase and a piece of wood in my chest.” Questions were fielded from either side of the stage like a tennis match, ranging from the non-existence of a Wash Action Figure (“They tested it on kids and they choked on it.”) to melting gummy worms on windshields of new cars in August, to tattoos.

Alan wanted “– an episode where Wash went down to the cargo bay where Shepherd and Jayne were lifting weights. This was a space western, and they all had a ‘Brokeback’ moment, cause when I pull off my shirt, I’d be covered in tattoos. Prison tattoos.” He also wanted Wash to have a tattoo across his chest of a battleship called the S.S. Studmuffin.



Nathan still did not confirm or deny the true existence of a certain tattoo seen on the episode “Heart of Gold”, although he had wandered around the set the day of his nude scene wearing the face of Joss Whedon for a modesty sock.

At this point, the stage was stormed by one grey and white furry Rudy. Waving from the wings was Morena Baccarrin, and Nathan bear-hugged her onto the stage and leaped down into the audience to retrieve another chair. He spent the rest of the time sitting next to her, cuddling unashamedly, while Rudy escaped into the audience, and visited with and licked the people in the first three rows of seats to the right of the aisle. That dog must do something about his shyness.



In the meantime, Alan fielded questions and signed packs of Serenity Collectors Cards as gifts for those brave enough to come up to the mics. Morena: “So that’s how you get people to ask you a lot of questions – you bribe them!”

Alan revealed that he waited tables at a restaurant in New York that was a favorite of the casts of various soaps, not least the cast of One Life to Live, which Nathan was on. In fact, Alan admitted to having a major crush on a girl that Nathan was dating at the time and that he’d actually waited on them.



Prompted by a poorly-kept secret from Morena’s panel, they were asked about the political arguments between Alan and Adam, and as Alan began to describe being completely unable to walk away from them, Morena pointed out that he was getting red in the face just like he did with Adam. Despite being apparently heated arguments, no one wanted to leave the set lest they miss anything.

When asked about fear of typecasting, Morena said she really didn’t want to be typecast as a space whore, while Nathan said he really wished he had that problem of being typecast.

The Alan-Nathan-Morena-Rudy show was reluctantly wrapped, the former castmates and Friends in Space leaving the hall with that energetic post-Serenity/Firefly buzz that hung in the air, in anticipation of the SoCal Browncoats shindig to follow.


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