P. J. Haarsma is the founder and Nathan Fillion is co-founder of the “Kids Need To Read Foundation.” The purpose of their foundation is to raise money to supply children’s books to schools and libraries and encourage kids to discover the joy of reading. The book signing was a fundraising event for the foundation, receiving twenty-five percent of “The Softwire” book sales.
Over 100 youngsters and adults lined up with their newly bought books for the 3pm event. Fans also arrived with their own “Firefly” and “Serenity” DVDs to be autographed along with the purchase of the book. The event was fun, relaxed and unhurried. I bought the first in the series, “The Softwire: Virus On Orbis 1” and excitedly had it personalized to my nephew (age 12) but neglected to bring along my own “Firefly” DVDs for signing. Cameras were permitted and everyone had their chance for a quick snapshot.
Everyone with a purchase also received a raffle ticket for 3 drawings held at the end of the 2 hour event. P. J. Haarsma, Nathan and Alan each drew for the 3 prizes and the excited winners stepped forward, all but one.



The winner that was not present had her phone number written of the back of her stub; Alan then pulled out his cell phone and dialed. He asked the person that answered if they had entered a drawing and told her that she had won a date with Nathan Fillion! He continued to joke with her (not revealing that it was Alan Tudyk she was speaking with) and then she surprised him by hanging up!

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