If you have been reading my blogs, you will know that I am a music fan and that Christian Kane is my favorite subject. You will also know how busy this talented man is, with his new CD completed, he has been on the road promoting his music. He also continues his acting career with his upcoming role in Leverage, a new series on TNT. A sneak peak of Christian in his new role can be seen at www.tnt.tv.


As a fan, I am impatiently waiting, eager to purchase his new CD and also viewing him again in my home on the small screen. Then, there is also the hope of a U.S. tour and take my advice, if you are a country music fan or not, his is a talent that should not be missed!

Now for our interview:

Whedonoplis: You have a new CD coming out; does it have a title, yet?

Christian Kane: No. We have a couple of ideas, but nothing set in stone. Any ideas?

W- Will it be all new songs or do you have any of your old favorites on it?

CK-: Mostly new, but I will guarantee a few old favorites.

W- Did you write all the songs yourself?

CK- I collaborated with some of the best songwriters in Nashville to try to touch as many emotions as we could on the first album.

W- How would you describe the feel of the CD?

CK- It is very important to me to try to reach everyone with the album, whether you are a country music fan or not. But, it’s definitely something you can drink to.

W- Is there a release date for the new CD yet?

CK- Not yet.

W- Can your fans look forward to a tour to promote this CD? Whedonopolis is based in Los Angeles; can we hope to see you here? If so, will your old band be backing you?

CK-Absolutely. The US tour is long overdue.

W-Are there any artists that you would say influenced the sound on your new CD?

CK- Not as much artists as different genres I grew up with.

W- If you HAD to choose between music or acting, which would it be?

CK- Fortunately, I don’t have to choose.

W- We are so excited to be able to see you in our homes again. Can you tell us about your new TV series on TNT, Leverage?

CK- It’s a thriller. But it doesn’t stop there. The creators have been very smart about intertwining drama with comedy. Not unlike Mr. Whedon. But if you ask me it’s a modern day A-Team.

W- You starred in the movie Hide, I understand it is an independent film. Will it be out in theaters at all or go direct to DVD? And when?

CK- That’s a producer question. I would love to see it in theatres. This day and age, sometimes the market doesn’t allow for smaller, artistic films. But rumor has it that it will be out in the Fall. But either way it is a character that I have never portrayed before. So, hopefully you guys will see it.

W- What is your ultimate goal musically? Your ultimate acting goal or dream?

CK- Longevity in both. I love to entertain in many different aspects, whether singing, acting, or simply cooking dinner. To be able to do that for the rest of my life would be a blessing.

W- Is there any chance we will ever see you and David Boreanaz on the screen together, again? Do you two have hopes of doing a project together?

CK- We’re always looking for stuff. I’ll go on record and guarantee it.

W- Do you find it difficult to balance your time with all the artistic endeavors and projects in your life?

CK- I was the kid that prayed to God to be successful in this business. My schedule is a blessing and a great problem to have.

W- When not working on your own art, which movies, TV shows or music do you enjoy during your down time?

CK- I watch the Food Network all day. I love scary movies. As most of you know, Alice in Chains is my favorite band. But when it’s time to kick back and relax, I either need some Highwaymen or Mazzy Star.


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