Domo (l) and Hal Ozsan

It was the release party for their self-titled CD, and the atmosphere reflected exactly that: a party. Ably supported by opening bands The Cavalry, Daredevil Jane, The Ringers and a short, but effective burlesque show (judging by the reaction of hot-blooded male showgoers), Poets & Pornstars came out and proceeded to kick us squarely in the butt with the first single off their album, “Rock and Roll.”

Hal Ozsan

Ozsan looks like the lovechild of Robert Plant in his Zeppelin days and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, with his long, dark locks that he shakes with abandon and (if such a thing is possible) guitar-playing swagger while in leather pants. He has a great way of interacting with the audience, as do the rest of the band, even though he and keyboards/percussion man Randy Austin were mostly the ones who addressed those present. Guitarist Domo knows how to rock, while making it look cool and effortless at the same time, and Sally Hope on bass proves once and for all that girls can rock AND look pretty while doing it. The band is completed by a rock solid Dave Plesh on drums, providing along with Hope the band’s backbone for their dirty, good ol’ rock and roll.

Sally Hope

There were too many instances that were just blistering during the show, particularly when the band covered “House of the Rising Sun” and “Folsom Prison Blues” (which Hal jokingly said they’d written “in 1955”), especially the latter. It was fantastic to see the audience fully integrated into the show, as when they just took over vocals during “Earthman” and “In The Dark.”


The price of admission included a free copy of the CD, which is incredibly well put together. The CD booklet includes lyrics to all the songs and has beautiful art. Among the songs of note, besides the ones mentioned above, personal favorites include “Monkey”, “Get Your Kicks”, and “My Devil’s Song (Sexwinewomensongsugarmagicmoney)”. This band is truly a can’t-miss, so if at all possible, if you want to get acquainted with having your entire being rocked out so hard you end up exhausted and exhilarated at the same time, go see Poets & Pornstars live. You’ll understand what I mean then.

For more information on the band, please visit their official website or their MySpace page.

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